Saturday, August 6, 2011

Primitive x Gourmet Quadici ‘Space Jam’

Aside from Converse-style takeovers, it's unprecedented for sneaker companies to collaborate with one another, and while the above pictured model isn't exactly a Gourmet x Nike team-up, it's as close as we've ever seen before. That's because Nike SB rider Paul Rodriguez' retail spot Primitive has gotten up with Jon Buscemi and co. to create this new Primitive x Gourmet Quadici for next spring. The links to Nike Inc. get even stronger when you realize the patent leather mudguard section on these plus a blue tongue tag and icey outsole indicate that this is an homage to the Air Jordan XI 'Space Jam', a fitting theme given Gourmet's early 'Ape Jordan' days. via Sneaker News