Friday, December 30, 2011

Air Jordan Retro X (10) Stealth

New and detailed pics of the "Stealth" Air Jordan Retro X have hit the 'Net. We've seen these a couple of times already but as a refresher, they are set to drop on 3/24/2012. via KATC

Shaq promises a cool grand to anyone who gets a tattoo of a famous kiss

"I will pay one thousand dollars to anyone who gets a tattoo of that picture. Tweet me the pics." -- Shaquille O'Neal, Thursday night, on 'Inside the NBA.'

Shaq, in my eyes, has turned into quite the mensch after joining the fight for LGBT rights earlier this year. And perhaps it was the late night setting, or the chance to rip on Charles Barkley in his typical, jocular fashion, but it did appear as if Shaquille was a little too excitable on TNT's 'Inside the NBA' when it came time to rip on Barkley's awesome lip-lock with NBA referee Dick Bavetta from nearly five years ago.

So this is where you, the faithful wee hours viewer, come in. All it takes, apparently, is a tattoo of Barkley and Bavetta sharing a moment permanently singed into your skin to collect a thousand bucks from O'Neal after hitting him up on Twitter, presuming that Shaq's a man of his word. And you wouldn't tell a lie on air, would ya, TNT-rook?

I'm a little hamstrung for cash myself, and I still haven't gotten my first tattoo. Perhaps this is as good a reason as any to dive into the world of the inked-up. Either way, Ball Don't Lie faithful, I think it's time to deluge our man Shaq with a series of these things. Make sure you get Charles' Jock Ewing-esque pendant detailed properly. via Ball Don't Lie

Nike Air Flight 89 Returns

The Nike Air Flight 89 is back. As we reported a few months ago, the Air Flight 89 will release in new colorways next year. The first Air Flight 89 offering is starting to arrive at Nike retailers, including Oneness. Without a detailed breakdown, you can clearly see this black/red/white colorway is as simple as it gets. As we approach spring, we should see more vibrant colors of the Air Flight 89. Check with your local retailers for additional info. via The Shoe Game

New Balance 574 – Spring 2012 Colorways

Sneaker News brought you word of an upcoming New Balance 574 cast entirely in burgundy suede and mesh yesterday, but it looks like that shoe and the new ‘Classics’ tongue tag are still a ways off. That’s because here today, headed to retail with the more familiar tag are three new colorways, one of which finds itself dipped in a red shade somewhere between those burgundys and Ronnie Fieg’s recent Kith collab. This vibrant red shade finds its match in a plum edition that’s constructed identically, and this trio completes itself with the classic navy/silver combo showing off a bit of contrast stitching. Each of the three is solid in its own right, so how will you pick just one when you see them at retailers like West NYC? via Sneaker News

Monday, December 19, 2011

Nike Air Yeezy 2

One of the biggest stories this past week was the rumored release date of the , which is tentatively set to touch down on March 23rd, 2012. However, we still haven’t seen detailed shots of the until now, and the luxurious materials and design should make these as successful (or maybe more than) the original . The Black/Pink/Mint colorway features a premium croc-skin material on the upper with a molded heel (possibly Foamposite?) with a rugged nylon material with suede material foxing. On the medial side is a suede midfoot strap housing as well. The midsole features a combination of black and mint green with a translucent mint green outsole (with the construction borrowed from the Air Tech Challenge II). The idiom ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ certainly applies to the Air Yeezy 2 design, as it utilizes similar design formula used in the original. We’ve got a detailed set of images for you below, so take a good look and let us know what you think. via deadstockdon & Sneaker News

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lakers eye blockbuster trades

It is no secret that the Los Angeles Lakers would like to trade for Dwight Howard or Chris Paul, but sources with knowledge of the situation say the Lakers actually have something greater in mind: acquiring both players.

Hoping to pull off a pair of blockbuster moves that would rock the NBA, the Lakers are willing to trade anyone on their roster outside of Kobe Bryant to bring Howard and Paul to Los Angeles, two sources said.

Whether the Lakers are able to make it happen remains to be seen, but with stars Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom on the roster, they have the talent and the financial capacity to make the trades work.

The Lakers have had cursory discussions with New Orleans about Paul within the past few days. It is not clear whether they have spoken with Orlando.

Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak would not comment when asked about the Lakers' intentions to trade for both superstars, but in addressing general trade rumors surrounding his team, he gave the company line, saying the Lakers are happy with their current squad.

"This time of year, there are a lot of rumors going around," Kupchak said in a telephone conversation. "I'm aware of them and I'm not going to comment. Our comments have been pretty consistent -- this group can contend, so we'll just play it out. Nothing is about to happen. It's much too early in the season.

"We don't even have a collective bargaining agreement to refer to."

While Paul's first choice is to join buddies Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire on the New York Knicks, he would sign a long-term contract to stay with the Lakers, according to a source with knowledge of Paul's thinking. And Howard's fondness for Los Angeles is well-known, leaving no doubt that he would commit to the Lakers long-term.

Sources say Paul and Howard have had several conversations with each other about the possibility of playing together on various teams.

Several trade combinations would work for the Lakers. For instance, they could send Gasol to New Orleans for Paul, and Bynum to Orlando for Howard. If the Lakers threw Odom into the trade to Orlando, they could sweeten the offer for the Magic by taking back the contract of Hedo Turkoglu.

"The Lakers are interested in trying to do something for both (Paul and Howard)," a Western Conference executive said. "I would hate to see it happen. I want Howard to stay in the East and Paul to go to the East.

"If it does happen, it'll make things much harder for us."

The Lakers are not the only team in Los Angeles that's thinking big.

Sources say the Clippers also have intentions to go after both Howard and Paul. And like the Lakers, the Clippers are positioned -- financially and talent-wise to make such a move.

Unlike the Lakers, the Clippers would not have to make two trades. They could use their wealth of young talent to trade for either Paul or Howard and then sign the other as a free agent next summer when they'll have enough cap room to offer a maximum-salary contract. The one player the Clippers will not offer in a trade is Blake Griffin.

"The Lakers have company (in going after Howard and Paul)," another Western Conference official said. "The Clippers are doing the same thing." via ESPN

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nike Dunk High Premium iD | New Custom Options

The possibilities are becoming endless over at Nike iD with new custom options for the popular Nike Dunk High Premium iD. Not only can you fully customize your Nike Dunk with a variety of colors, you can now have your pick at corduroy or denim twill materials.

Things can only get better from this point. What are you waiting for? Head to Nike iD now to get start designing! via Sneakerfiles