Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Fitteds @ ROCK-N-JOCKS: Custom NEW ERA x NBA「Chicago Bulls」59Fifty Caps

ROCK-N-JOCKS brings to you the perfect match for the Jordan Retro III Stealth shoes that are coming out September 3rd with this custom Chicago Bulls New Era fitted. This 59Fifty features a Grey crown with a cement print bill, and a Black under bill. The bulls logo is embroidered on the front in Silver, Black, White, and Red. A smaller version of the logo appears on the back in Red, White, and Black. Limited to only 30 pieces, get yours before it is too late at via Strictly Fitteds

T-Shirt Of The Day: 07.31.11

Beastie Boys& Tee now available at The Retro Sole!

Vince Young declares the Eagles to be a “Dream Team”

In a move that could eventually be a nightmare for Philly fans, newly-arrived backup quarterback Vince Young has declared the Eagles to be a “Dream Team.”

“From Nnamdi [Asomugha] to [Dominique Rodgers-]Cromartie, to Jason [Babin] to myself,“ Young told the media on Saturday, according to Tim McManus of “I know they are going to do some more things. . . . It’s just beautiful to see where we’re trying to go.”

All that’s missing are the fog machines, the spotlights, and expectations that can be achieved only if the Eagles win the Super Bowl.

Team president Joe Banner knows the power of the term that Young applied to the Eagles.

“It’s a scary term,” Banner said, per McManus, “but . . . somebody wrote the words ‘The Eagles are all in,’ and that’s how we look at it. We’re doing anything and everything we can, we’re being aggressive about it, and the expectations are high.”

Last year, the Eagles won the NFC East but lost at home in the wild-card round to the Packers. Whether Asomugha and Jason Babin and Young and Donald Lee and Johnnie Lee Higgins and whatever else the Eagles have up their sleeves will put make coach Andy Reid’s 13th season his luckiest one yet remains to be seen.

That said, it’s safe to say that the same dynamic that made otherwise neutral NBA fans turn on the Miami Heat will prompt NFL fans with no strong feelings about the Eagles to develop them.

Quickly. via MSNBC

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dwayne Schintzius got traded because of his awesome hair

Do you remember Dwayne Schintzius? If not, you should. After being drafted in 1990, Schintzius spent eight seasons as a backup big man for several NBA teams. He was a journeyman, but he was also a character, remembered best for a certain arrogance and one of the greatest hairstyles in league history.

Not surprisingly, he loved that hair. One time, it even got him traded. From Tampa Bay Online (via TBJ):

Former University of Florida basketball center Dwayne Schintzius, of Brandon High, was the NBA draft's 24th overall pick in 1990. He liked the San Antonio Spurs and anticipated a long career there. But Spurs general manager Bob Bass didn't care for Schintzius' "lobster'' hairstyle.

"He told me to cut it,'' Schintzius said. "So I got it cut and sent him the shavings in an envelope. I'm not sure he appreciated that. And then, away I went.''

Some people may think that a young player like Schintzius was at the time should have done what management told him and shut his mouth. After all, he hadn't proven anything in the league. Then again, maybe a person should be able to wear his hair however he pleases, especially when it's as majestic as Schintzius' mullet. Would you have asked Oscar Gamble to cut his afro? Only if you were anti-fun.

Schintzius was not a particularly successful NBA player -- he dropped in the draft due to concerns about his attitude and didn't turn out to be very talented, either. But he made the league more interesting, and for that we should be thankful. Asking him to cut his hair was like requesting he sacrifice part of his personality. There's a fine line between discipline and unnecessary harshness.

Plus, if a GM feels the need to trade a guy, he shouldn't make him cut hair that probably took him 20 years to perfect. That's like telling Tim Duncan he can't take bank shots from the post anymore. via Ball Don't Lie

PUMA Suede Tonal Pack

Solid colors are usually boring, right? Not if you throw it on a classic. PUMA is releasing five colorways in tonal colors including black, red, blue, green, and yellow. For a little knowledge, tonal colors are essentially shaded colors of a main color group. So instead of being a red PUMA Suede in red’s purest form, the shoe is instead a tone of red, not like any of this really matters though. Be on the lookout for these bad boys as they are available through select dealers now like the Black Rainbow online shop. via The Shoe Game

Picture Of The Day: 07.30.11


Nike SB Dunk Mid ‘Golden Hops’

In mid-June, Sneaker News gave you the heads up on an upcoming Spring 2012 release of the Nike SB Dunk Mid dubbed the 'Golden Hops'. Today we finally get a detailed look at this sweet release, which features a combination of leather and suede in a two-toned brown colorway (similar to that of the Nike SB Dunk 'Brown Pack' from 2003). Other details include red on the tongue label as well as on a small portion of the upper heel. It isn't clear if the 'Golden Hops' has some connection with beer or if its just a shortened version of its official color code, but at this point, what's important is that the shoe looks great! via N-SB & Sneaker News

Friday, July 29, 2011

'Thundercats' are back!

"ThunderCats" made its big return to television on Friday with a new sleek look fit for a reboot of the popular 1980s animated series.

The new "ThunderCats" features the voice of "Entourage" actress Emmanuelle Chriqui as Cheetara and "Boy Meets World" star Will Friedle as "ThunderCats" leader Lion-O.

Larry Kenney, who portrayed Lion-O on the 1980s series, provides the voice of the character's father Claudus on the new show.

The series is a product of Warner Bros. and Japanese animation Studio4°C, which produced "The Animatrix," and "Halo Legends."

"I know we have the weight of the old show on our shoulders with the characters but at the same time I think we're taking them and doing something just amazing with them," Friedle said in a video interview, which can be seen below, featured on the show's official YouTube page.

"You see a lot of remakes of shows and things that come out where it's like, 'Why did they take these beloved characters and do this with them,'" he added. "Whereas when I see the scripts that we're going and see the animation we're doing, I look at it like, 'Oh thank ... we're finally doing this with these characters.'"

Cartoon Network writer Todd Casey said earlier this year that the team's pet, Snarf, will also be in the show.

"ThunderCats" relaunched with a one-hour episode on Friday at 8 p.m. on Cartoon Network. via OTRC

Keep calm and carry on: Ron Artest might be going to England

As it turns out, we might be wrong. Ron Artest might be playing basketball in England.

Mirrored with Friday's news that FIBA isn't going to contest any clashing contract agreements between the NBA and its wandering players, it appears that Ron Artest may be nearing a deal with the Cheshire Jets of the British Basketball League. Why the Cheshire Jets aren't named "the Cheshire Cats," I don't know. Why Artest is going to play in England, instead of some other, stronger international league, I don't know. Why I'm typing as if I'm writing for Eric Idle? Well, you know that answer.

Here's the incredibly British-sounding pull quote from the Chester Chronicle (via SBN):

The LA Lakers forward — one of the best players in world basketball — has been in negotiations for weeks with directors of the Chester-based club over appearing for them during the ongoing NBA 'lockout'.

America's top stars are banned from playing professionally in the States while the NBA and the players' union try to settle a pay dispute.

In a moment of opportunism earlier this month, Jets made an enquiry about luring Artest to the UK — and, incredibly, he is willing to come over and play for them.

Now the two parties have agreed to meet face-to-face to thrash out the finer details of what would surely be the biggest transfer coup in British basketball history.

Jets director Pete Hawkins said: "I spoke to Ron's representatives on Tuesday night. We have agreed the fundamentals of the deal and Ron is coming over (to England) in a few weeks.

(Take me with you, Ron. It's hot here, there's no basketball, and as the NBA scene's resident Anglophile, I can help you with all the words you haven't heard before. Also, 100 kmph is 62 miles an hour. Cheers.)

While Ron is far from "one of the best players in world basketball," his formidable strength should work wonders in a lesser league. England has its share of rabid basketball and NBA fans, but this squad is a bit of a step down in comparison to the sorts of outfits that other NBA veterans are jumping to.

That's our Ron, though. He may have just liked the team's name. via Ball Don't Lie

Nike Sportswear Sky Force ’88 Vintage

Many have expressed their dismay about the use of pre-yellowed soles and pre-worn looks by Nike but that isn’t stopping them. Here’s a better look at the Nike Sky Force ’88 Vintage dropping later this year. The phrase simple yet satisfying comes into play on these shoes seeing them each with a solid color suede of either red, grey, or black and being offset with a white swoosh and white (semi) outsole. Look out for these at select Nike Sportswear retailers in the future. If like the past vintage releases, the pre-yellow soles can be cleaned beforehand. via Dunk & The Shoe Game

Air Jordan XIII (13) Fred Jones PE

The NBA Season may still be upon an extended lock out, but the PE’s, new and old, are popping up all over. Today, we have a pair of game worn Air Jordan XIII (13) Fred Jones Player Exclusives. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen anything with FJ branding it on it, until today, which is a nice change of pace from all the Air Jordan XIII drama.

This rare find features a soft suede yellow upper, white paneling and deep Navy Blue and white outsole for that Pacer colorway that make these Player Exclusives every sense of the word. And if that isn’t enough, the embroidered “FJ 20″ on the tongue and autograph sure make these one of a kind. But, they can be yours on eBay. via Sneakerfiles

Foot Locker Art Prize Contest Winner

Foot Locker is no stranger to sneaker-centric competitions, having just this year created a 3-point shootout online game and run a March Madness contest, but their latest was by far the most intensive. The Foot Locker Art Prize was dubbed 'The World's Richest Colouring Competition' thanks to the $50,001 grand prize afforded to 24 year old Brisbane, Austrailia native Kalin Thompson on the strength of his 'Forbidden Fruit' work. The insane Thompson design was hailed by noted customizer and artist Dave White as "A complete knockout," and it earned him the cash prize along with a 1 of 1 Air Force 1 based on his work as designed by Sekure D. via Sneaker News

TOKIDOKI x NEW ERA Fall / Winter 2011 59Fifty Fitted Cap Preview

Here’s an exclusive preview of TOKIDOKI’s NEW ERA 59Fifty fitted cap designs for Fall / Winter 2011. Along with their own animated designs, the brand’s take on MARVELS catalog of hero’s and villians continue to be best sellers. It’s no surprise that that they’ve brought them back for the upcoming seasons. Based off the new Royal Pride characters, the Carne fitted cap (shown above) features Lion Pappa highlighted with Gold lurex stitching. via Strictly Fitteds

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nation Of Hardwear: LIKELY DS - Box Series

Whether you collect, rock 'em or skate & destroy, we all have our favorites and nothing beats a fresh "Deadstock" pair! Inspired by the boxes that crowd our closets, trunks and attics. We give you the LIKELY DS Tee (BOX Series 1). Available in multiple colorways and available for purchase now at Nation Of Hardwear!

Nike Trainer Max2 94 Blackout Detailed Look

Following up on the handful of colorways that released throughout the Summer, the Nike Trainer Max2 94 releases are set to continue into the Fall. Included in Nike's Fall lineup is the Blackout Nike Trainer Max2 94. As the nickname suggests, the Blackout Nike Trainer Max2 94 features a full Black colorway with a mix of smooth leather and nubuck on the upper.

The Blackout Nike Trainer Max2 94 is set to release this Fall.

Tech Info:
Fall 2011 Nike Trainer Max2 94

via KATC

Nike Air Foamposite Pro – ‘Dark Pine’

Set to be one of the last Nike Air Foamposite to drop this year, the Air Foamposite ‘Dark Pine’ was first seen on the feet of rapper/”sneaker head” Wale. Since they were spotted the buzz around them has been like a bee hive, and with a nice shoe put together its no wonder why. Featuring a dark pine shell upper, with a black swoosh as well as a black suede eyestay like most Foams have. These are schedule for a September 2nd release at select Nike retailers around the nation. via Dunk & Sneakerfiles

Nike SB Dunk Low – Black – Green – Red – Woodgrain

Releasing in the Spring 2012 season is this 'new' colorway of the Nike SB Dunk Low. Black/Green/Red isn't anything new, but this upcoming release features a funky new material on the center panel and toebox - somewhat of a 'woodgrain' effect. Paired with it is a soft, distressed suede in black, with the swoosh featured white contrast stitching (something along the lines of the Nike SB Dunk High 'Brut' that dropped a few years back). In fact, one might consider this colorway repetitive, because this Holiday the Jagermeister Dunk High, which also sports a Black/Green color-up, is very much similar to what we see here. via N-SB & Sneaker News

NEW ERA x MLB「NY Giants 1913 World Tour」59Fifty Fitted Baseball Cap

We’ve made it perfectly clear in past posts that the 1913 New York Giants World Tour logo is one of our top favorites of all time. We posted many different custom color ways of the “Shield of all Shields”, but we can’t seem to beat the original. The official NEW ERA 59Fifty reproduction features classy Red, White and Blue combination with a Green under bill. Sharp. Available at via Strictly Fitteds

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Air Jordan VIII ‘Aqua’ Painting by KocaMonarchy

Imagine you're a young artist staring at an empty canvas. It happens to the best of us from time to time, either too much to say at once or a mind as blank as the surface will leave you in search of inspiration. Chicago-based street artist Kristoffer Mac aka Koca Monarchy walked his Stash Air Force 1s over to a museum where the tortured quest continued in vein until he found an unexpected treasure sitting on a bench in pristine condition. From the Air Jordan VIII 'Aqua' he 'found' Kris created his latest piece, a close-up of the Eight's unmistakable midsole streaking along with a re-branded ankle strap. via Sneaker News

Monday, July 25, 2011

DREAM TEAM x NEW ERA「Logo」59Fifty Fitted Caps

DREAM TEAM has refreshed their core logo NEW ERA 59Fifty fitted baseball cap is new color ways. Their spell out style sells well for the street wear brand. It’s no mystery why it stays in heavy rotation. This time around the choice is a tonal Black and a Royal and Red combo. Both are available in sizes 7 to 8 online at via Strictly Fitteds

Air Jordan V Low – Black – Purple

We've seen quite a number of Air Jordan V releases this year and even some unreleased samples (like that blue suede pair we showed you not long ago). Here's a look at an unreleased Air Jordan V Low in Black/Purple, spotted on the feet of Jordan Brand employee Josiah_Lake who has dubbed these the 'Purple Haze.' Of course, being an employee of the Jumpman will enable you to get your hands on some true gems, so perhaps these were some Mike Bibby PEs, sans the stitched '10' number on the heel, that were just lying around the Beaverton campus. Also notice the upcoming Air Jordan Retros on his table - namely the Air Jordan IV White/Cement and Air Jordan III Black/Cement. via Sneaker News

Sunday, July 24, 2011

CORPORATE x NEW ERA「C Bear」59Fifty Fitted Baseball Cap

CORPORATE‘s anticipated C Bear NEW ERA 59Fifty fitted is their latest addition to their baseball cap program. This colorway is links up to several upcoming Jordan Brand footwear releases! This hat drops this Saturday in-store and online at Retail is $40. Sizes 7 -8 will be available. via Strictly Fitteds

Nike Air Force 1 Low VT Premium QK – White – New Images

Nike Sportswear issued Hyperfuse-constructed hybrid versions for several of its most popular models this summer, and while we don't know the full breadth of the collection or its release dates, the next newfangled way of building those shoes is with Vac-Tech molding. The Nike Air Force 1 Low VT Premium is the only one of the set that we've seen before, if you recall the black and purple joints that dropped alongside Kobe Bryant's Air Force 1 Foamposites this February. This new Quickstrike AF1 Vac-Tech is even cleaner, a 100% white design whose milky translucent sole has these looking like an ivory sculpture. They're not gonna fetch international poacher prices, but you have to expect with such limited numbers that you'll be paying a pretty penny if you miss out on the official release. via Sneaker News

Deal to end lockout reached

The NFL's 130-day labor dispute is set to end after an agreement on the remaining points for a 10-year deal was reached.

Sources say the NFL Players Association's executive committee plans to vote on a collective bargaining agreement Monday, followed by votes from player representatives and eventually players league-wide. via ESPN

Asics Gel Lyte III “Black Boot” Black

As a sneaker predominantly draped in vibrant colors, the Asics Gel Lyte III once again tries to impress with a different combination of styles bound to turn heads. On recently, we have seen the Asics Gel Lyte III “Mint Leaf” and the Asics Gel Lyte III “Leather Back”, all collabs between Asics and now widely known designer Ronnie Fieg. With this new colorway, the “Black Boot” features rich Black leather throughout the entire upper of the shoe including the tongue and the lace eyelets. The work boot-like laces deliver a sharp contrast with the Black upper and the bright Off-White midsole. The gum outsole finishes off the shoe, completing a classic and timeless look. via Sneakerfiles

Vans Era 59 x Dennis Hopper Incense

Before his untimely passing, Dennis Hopper and Vans got together to create a capsule collection of footwear. The Dennis Hopper collection of Vans sneakers were all designed by Hopper and all feature his artistic sensibility. As part of their collection, Hopper and Vans recently released the Incense Vans Era 59. The Incense Dennis Hopper x Vans Era 59 features a woven fabric upper done in Vans' Incense (Khaki) colorway. The woven upper is accented with hits of premium Brown leather in the Vans logo and on the heel tab. The upper sits on a White midsole with a Brown stripe and a Brown outsole. The footbed features a logo that pays tribute to the "Dennis Hopper Project".

The Incense Dennis Hopper x Vans Era 59 is available now at select Vans accounts including Flatspot. If you are looking to scoop a pair, hit up your local Vans spot. via KATC

Air Jordan X (10) – Mitch Richmond PE

We’ve seen Mitch Richmond through out the years rocking J’s on the court of all varieties. Today, we have pictures of a clean pair of Air Jordan X (10), a special PE make-up for the former Sac-Town King.

This Jordan X features a white and black upper in leather and soft textile. The black midsole is accented with purple, along with a purple inner sockliner. The #2 is placed on the upper heel of the sneaker, representing his number and uniform colors. Thanks to jwdanklefs for the snaps. via Sneakerfiles

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Air Jordan VIII (8) Retro – Chris Paul PE

Throughout the course of the 2006-2007 NBA season, Hornets guard Chris Paul was seen a few times, rocking these Air Jordan VIII (8) Player Exclusives, taylor made to match his on-court swag.

This Air Jordan VIII set features 2 pairs. The home version sports an all leather white upper, wrapped in grey 3M material on the heel. The colorway suites the Hornets with teal and maize splashed through out the sneaker with his “CP3″ moniker on the lateral. The soft inner booty is lined with a funky abstract design to suit New Orleans flavors.

The away version takes design cues from the Air Jordan VIII “Playoff” with a nubuck upper, playoff patterned heel panel, and teal and maize through out with that same “CP3″ badging. These are probably the only fresh pair out there, so enjoy the images while you can. via Sneakerfiles

adidas OByO x Jeremy Scott JS Gorilla

If you thought that the adidas x Jeremy Scott collaborations that we've seen so far have been pushing the envelope, Scott and the Three Stripes are taking it one step further and going King Kong on you with the JS Gorilla. The JS Gorilla is Jeremy Scott and adidas' newest animal inspired sneaker and feature a full Black furry upper with a big gorilla popping out the tongue.

The adidas x Jeremy Scott JS Gorilla is set to release during the Spring/Summer of 2012. via KATC

Picture Of The Day: 07.23.11

TOKIDOKI x MARVEL x NEW ERA「SDCC 2011」59Fifty Fitted Baseball Caps

The 2011 San Diego Comic Con is right around the corner. TOKIDOKI have a few special releases planned for the occasion. Here is a limited edition Captain America 59Fifty fitted baseball cap that will be available at their booth during the convention for $40. via Strictly Fitteds

Friday, July 22, 2011

Picture Of The Day: 07.22.11

Who knew? via Ball Don't Lie

Air Jordan Retro V (5) Quai54 Releasing Outside of Europe

After releasing as an EU exclusive last month to coincide with the Jordan Brand sponsored Quai54 tournament, the Quai54 Air Jordan Retro V is now set to officially release outside of Europe. Unfortunately, once again, for the US heads that have had their eyes on these, this second release is for Asia only. If you have connects in Asia though, this may be good news for you as you have another chance to cop with the Asia release of the Quai54s which is set for 7/23. With the Quai54 Vs seeing a second release outside of the EU, it may be time to reopen the possibility of seeing them drop Stateside. If I hear anything it will be posted.

The Quai54 Air Jordan Retro V is set to release on 7/23 at select Jordan Brand accounts including Nike Harajuku. via KATC

New Fitteds @ SO FRESH CLOTHING: Custom NEW ERA 59Fifty Caps

SO FRESH CLOTHING presents two new custom NEW ERA fitted baseball caps. Of course both 59Fifty releases play close to home for them. Up first is a San Francisco Giants hat featuring the Cooperstown logo in the 49ers colorway. Next is the San Jose Sharks cap with a Flannel crown, a Teal bill and a 20th anniversary patch. These are limited to 36 pieces each and available now at their online store,

911 Cedar Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

via Strictly Fitteds

Nike Foamposite One Retro – 2011/2012 Lineup

Foamposite heads will have an abundance of colorways to choose from in the near future as 4 all new Retros have been confirmed.

See below for dates and style numbers. Be advised that all of these are PS images and they may end up looking completely different than what you see here.

Nike Air Foamposite One Black/ Royal (August 2011) Style #314996-094
Nike Air Foamposite One Varsity Red/ White- Black (February 2012)
Nike Air Foamposite One Dark Obsidian/ Dark Grey (February 2012) Style #314996-400
Nike Air Foamposite One Electrolime/ Black (March 2012) Style #314996-330

via The Shoe Game

Nike Air Force 1 Mid – Gray/White

Classics never die. That seems to be the mantra for the Nike Sportswear classic sneaker, the Nike Air Force 1. This time, releasing in a mid cut silhouette, the AF1 is available in a Grey/White colorway. What makes this piece more appealing is the inspiration it draws from the Air Jordan XI ‘Cool Gray’.

The upper is an all perforated leather in a tonal Medium Gray, accented with a white Swoosh, Nike badging and a white midsole. These babies are now available to you at fine NSW retailers. via The Shoe Game

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Owners approve proposed labor deal

NFL owners approved a proposed 10-year labor agreement with the NFL Players Association on Thursday, leaving the potential end to the league's lockout in the hands of the players' vote Friday. via ESPN

SUPER MARIO BROS.「Bowser」Fitted Baseball Cap

We're shocked NEW ERA has not locked up the SUPER MARIO BROS. license before. For all Mario Cart fans out there, here a fitted baseball cap for Super Smash Up battles. The greedy arch-rival of the Mario and Luigi, Bowser (AKA King Koopa) appears in full detailed embroidery over a two-tone fitted. This is available online at SPENCERS. via Strictly Fitteds

Nike Air Foamposite One Black/ Royal

Earlier we showed you a preview of some upcoming Foamposite One releases.

Before you get too excited about that Black/Royal pair which resembled the Space Jam AJXI, we have a brief update on the release. They will not look like the PS image you saw before; instead they will be more like the PS image you see here. Same color style as the ‘Cough Drop’ Foams with a translucent Royal Blue outsole. They are said to be a HOH exclusive as well.

Nike Air Foamposite One Black/ Royal (August 2011) Style #314996-094 via The Shoe Game

Space Jam Nike SB Dunk Low Drops July 23

This Saturday, July 23, is a big release day. The highly anticipated Ray Allen Air Jordan 13 PE will be available and the Space Jam Nike SB Dunks will also be releasing. It seems like like forever, but the Space Jam Dunks will finally release at Nike SB dealers on July 23. We know most of you don’t need a reminder, but it’s probably a few people out there that forgot about this release. The Space Jam SB Dunks will be available at Premier and other Nike SB accounts this Saturday, so check with your local Nike SB dealers for more info. via The Shoe Game

Jordan, Bird, Magic to cover 'NBA 2K12'

If you're 2K Sports, how do you top Michael Jordan as your cover athlete? Easy. Simply bring MJ back, only this time reunite him with fellow Dream Teamers Larry Bird and Magic Johnson for three distinct and visually stunning covers.

That's right, 2K Sports is splitting the production run between three legendary boxes this year, as stores will actually receive an equal 33 percent share of Jordan, Magic and Bird covers from day one, enabling gamers to decide which superstar they want to stare at for the next 12 months between 2K cycles.

And with the NBA in full lockout mode, seems to be a great time for 2K Sports to go retro again, especially when you factor in the 5 million-plus copies "NBA 2K11" has already sold across all platforms, thanks to "His Airness."

I guess that's why 2K Sports has also reached a three-year extended partnership with Jordan to bring him back to the virtual hardwood in future games.

"Michael Jordan for us last year was a huge success from a fan standpoint and an in-game standpoint," says Jason Argent, vice president of marketing for 2K Sports. "But in 2K Sports fashion, we continue to improve, we continue to evolve, and this year we're taking it up a notch by having three covers of the game.

"And to take it up another notch, we're departing from our traditional brand look. We wanted to do something that was really dynamic and really different this year, so we talked with a bunch of sports artists and street artists, and we ended up teaming with a sports photographer named Adam Larson. He has done a ton of high-profile stuff, including an ESPN The Magazine cover, so we partnered with him to create all of the artwork for all three covers for us. All of the artwork is consistent between the covers in terms of look and feel and cover scheme. The only thing different, of course, is the athlete."

While Argent explains the differences in the covers, he's also quick to point out that the game will have the same features, no matter which version you buy. "The game under all three covers is the exact same," he explains. "Having Michael, having Magic and having Larry Bird involved will tie to the game and to some of the features that we'll be unveiling in a couple of weeks, but that's all I can say right now."

As long as my Larry Legend moments include a Dr. J choke-fight, I'm down.

Look for "NBA 2K12" to hit stores Oct. 4, 2011 (whether there's a real season or not), for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Wii, PSP and Windows PC. via ESPN

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Picture Of The Day: 07.19.11


Reebok Pro Pump Omni Lite – NFL Pack ’49ers’

Earlier this year Reebok release two pairs of the Pro Pump Omni Lite representing by two NFL teams, the New York Giants and the Oakland Raiders. Now images of another Omni Lite this time representing the San Franisco 49ers. The shoe is made up of a red leather upper with a grey wool appearing on the toe box, heel collar, tongue and side panels. Gold is used to accent the shoe, while the shoe is given a white inner linning and a white midsole while the show sits on a gum bottom. The 49er’s logo can be seen on the heel of the shoe, and a NFL lace lock is also added. via Sneakerfiles

New Fitteds @ ROCK-N-JOCKS: Custom NEW ERA x NBA「Chicago Bulls」59Fifty Caps

ROCK-N-JOCKS has your head covered for the Jordan Retro V’s that are coming out August 6th. This custom NEW ERA Chicago Bulls fitted features a Black base and a Silver underbill. The Bull logo is embroidered up front in a combination of Silver, with White and Red accents. A smaller version of the same logo appears on the back in Silver and Black. True to all RNJ custom hats this is limited to just 30 pieces. Get laced before the shoe is even released only at ROCK-N-JOCKS. via Strictly Fitteds

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

T-Shirt Of The Day: 07.17.11

Life Is...Too $hort Tee available @ The Retro Sole!

Picture Of The Day: 07.17.11


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Eye on eBAY®: SUPREME x PUBLIC ENEMY x NEW ERA 59Fifty Fitted Cap

Here’s a nice little gem I found on Ebay, the SUPREME x PUBLIC ENEMY fitted. The cap of course features an almost all Black tonal design with the Public Enemy logo on the front, “FIGHT THE POWER” on the side and the Supreme box logo on the back. An even nicer touch is that the cap still comes with the tag, I may need to cop this for myself! If you want it now, go cop it at up2disky’s store before I cop it. via Strictly Fitteds