Sunday, March 29, 2009

Diamond Supply Co. Fitteds

Check out these new images of the Diamond Supply Co. fitteds. Check back for release date info!

Updated Air Yeezy Info

We gave you word that the Nike Air Yeezy would release April 4th, but the price and exactly what accounts were getting the sneaker were still unknown. Now we have confirmation that, at Kanye’s request, more stores than expected will be shelving the sneaker, which will retail for $215. In NYC, in addition to the 21 Mercer store, The House Of Hoops in Harlem, and both the 34th street locations of Foot Locker and Footaction will now be getting the Yeezy. To see hi-res shots of the Yeezy’s, as well as some never-before-seen sketches and prototypes, read Complex’s exclusive “Making Of The Air Yeezy” feature.
Via ctotheJL

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nike Terminator & Revaderchi ‘Silver/White/Green’

Nike just dropped a new pack consisting of three sneakers: a Terminator High and Low, and a Revaderchi. Each feature a silver/green camo upper, and have started arriving at Japanese retailers including Atmos. Via mashKulture

April SB releases @ UNIV

Check out these new Sb releases fro UNIV. They should all be in by the end of the week. You can order these by phone @ 760-942-UNIV!

Diamond Supply Co. Socks - Available 12pm Friday

The Diamond Supply Co. accessory line is growing by the season. In the Summer look book we posted earlier in the year, there were a pair of high and low socks. Now these socks are set for release this Friday 12 Noon PST. There are two different styles in socks and three colors for each style (high and low) Hit the link below to view additional images. Via CtotheJL

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Complex Interviews Kid Cudi

Complex doesn’t run out of material, as they hit us with another banger: an interview with young, up-and-coming rapper Kid Cudi. The Kid’s got big aspirations, which include becoming bigger than Kanye West. Hit up Complex to catch up with Kudi and his momentous game plan. Via Complex &

Converse Skateboarding - Weapon X Hi

Over the past few months, Converse Skateboarding has not only been expanding its team (Rune Glifberg, Tony Silva recently added), but its line of skate shoes. Here we have the Weapon X Hi, the skate version of the classic Converse Weapon sneaker from the 80s. A key updated feature is the ankle strap, which provides ample ankle support that some skater’s really need.

If you’re looking to separate yourself from the Supra Skytop/Nike Dunk High crowd, then make your steps known with a pair of these. Choose from Black or White. Available now for pre-order through CCS at a reasonable price. $79.99 Via CtotheJL

Monday, March 23, 2009

Problematic Clothing

I was getting my surf on tonite (the internet that is) when I came across another line that I like called Problematic Clothing.

Problematic in their own words: It was a bright and sunny California day, and the whole crew was doing what it normally does on a beautiful day, laying around the house watching tv and wasting our lives. We had no money, no company name, and no motivation. As we sat around eating Carl’s Jr., we came up with the name Problematic. Just as we calmed down from our excitement, our friend Steven (now our bodygaurd) walked in and asked if we had come up with a name. We promptly said Problematic. He laughed at us and told us that was the stupidest name he had ever heard. We asked what his problem was and he then responded with, “what’s YOUR problem?”, to which we replied “??????”. We sat around and just looked back and forth at one another until we decided to give up and just go play Madden 2008 on our xbox360.

That story really doesn’t mean anything and that’s the point. We don’t have one set inspiration. We’re not really a themed brand (unless you consider being awesome a theme). Everything is flawed and has it’s own problems in one way or another. None of us will probably ever greatly impact society or change the world, but we sure will point and laugh when we get the chance.

We will always love chicken nuggets and french fries. We love crazy art, even if some people say our work isn’t good enough for “art” (that means you Ms. Johnson!). We listen to all types of music and love action movies. We may not be the founders of a lifestyle or come from an overpopulated city, but we still know what’s up. We think Robert DeNiro is the baddest man of all time.

We won’t say that we hate the government and want to overthrow the system, because that would just be a lie (did I mention we are lazy?). I guess you can consider us rebels…in a non-rebellious way. We don’t mind change, unless your name is Carl’s Jr. and you decide to make your fries natural cut, thus making them the worst fries ever behind In N’ Out.

At the end of the day, we just love making clothes for others to enjoy. We don’t bother describing meaning and influences, because that is something for our fans to discover on their own. If somebody get’s a positive message from our designs, that’s awesome. If not, then don’t worry, you’re probably not the only one.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Akomplice’s Spring Collection

Today we give you a look at Akomplice’s Spring collection. Although their latest selection doesn’t offer as much variety as their previous collections, consisting of five tees and two caps, the Colorado-based brand continues to create graphics that are fun, provide social commentary, are thought-provoking and produced with the highest quality. The items have already shipped to retailers so check their stockists for availability. Via mashKulture

Friday, March 20, 2009


This ZX700 features a white mesh toebox, blue suede and textile, and a yellow 3M material. They also feature a neon pink and accent on the toebox and lining. These runners choice kicks have already dropped in Brazil and we will keep you posted for a US launch date. Via TSG &

Reebok Stars & Super Hero Pack

Yesterday we brought you the Pump but today we have more info on the pack itself...For spring 2009, Reebok is releasing its “Stars” and “Superhero” Pack, consisting of an Insta Pump Fury and Pump Omni Lite, and an Insta Pump Fury, respectively. The navy/grey/red Insta Pump Fury and navy/red/white Pump Omni Lite of the Star pack feature a white star print against metallic navy blue patent panel, found throughout both shoes. The Insta Pump Fury also has a speckled red midsole, white sole, and grey upper, while the Pump Omni Lite is dominated by the star print, contrasted by white leather and a red midsole and white sole. These shoes give your feet a patriotic look, but the Superhero pack Insta Pump Fury’s say differently. The neon yellow/red/black Insta Pump Fury’s is mostly neon yellow, contrasted by red and black panels, a black toe featuring a star pattern, and a black midsole and sole. The neon yellow upper parallels radioactive material that will turn its shoeowner into a superhero! Lame, but hey, at least a nice shoe came out of it. So be sure to get at these packs on Mita, available for $185 to $220. Via Sneakerfiles

True 5 Panel Cap

True has just added a new 5 Panel cap to their already successful repertoire of fitteds. Coming in 4 colorways, this classic 5 Panel features a small vent hole one the sides and an inconspicuous TRUE logo on the back. 5 Panels are great for the spring and summer months so you don't have to be burdened by the heat and sweat that wool fitteds bring. Via Swagger Dap


Another new drop from Nation of Hardwear! This is a sick new tee from NOH and SKRAMone that has a obama with hand tags of both NOH & SKRAM. Sick.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reebok Pump Omni Lite American Flag!

As the spring turns to summer, Flag Day and Independence Day are both big here in America. Reebok has taken a liking to the US banner and is releasing a flag-inspired pack of Pumps. The Reebok Stars Pack includes a Pump Omni Lite and an Insta Pump Fury. Both feature white soles, red midsoles and blue patent leather emblazoned with white stars. Whether you favour the Pump Omni Lite’s basketball stylings or the Insta Pump Fury runner, it’s your duty as a citizen to cop. Both are available now at mita sneakers. Via Sneaker News

Play Cloths Preview...

Check out some of the new images of Play Cloths! Via Standard

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hella Tight Brand

Today I was performing my daily ritual (surfing the internet) when I came across this hat brand called Hella Tight. Now being that I'm from Cali and all doesn't affect my opinion one way or another, but this brand is sick. Talk about flippin' tha script...

Diamond Life!!

Check out the new installment of the "Diamond Life" series. These aren't out yet but you can check for upcoming release dates at Diamond Supply Co.

Air Yeezy Update....They GLOW!

The Secret is out...they GLOW! Via Complex

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

HRDWR Love At First Flight (Ladies)

More from Nation Of Hardwear! We've already previewed the Love at first flight mens we've got something for the ladies!! The Love At First Flight Tee shows that the ladies got love for the sneaker game too. Three colors are available: Pink, Black and White. Wih these three colors available you can make some nice kick to shirt combos! Via NOH

Monday, March 16, 2009

The NEW PlayStation AF1 10 Year Anniv

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Playstation 2, Sony called up Nike to make some more pairs of the heralded Air Force 1 ‘Playstation’, which was limited to only 150 pairs. The retro version will be even more limited with only 50 pairs being made, which will be given to Sony execs and VIPs. A pair is currently up for grabs on eBay. The current bid is at $1225. Via Sole Collector & Mash Kulture.

More Yeezys...

Check out these up close and personal pics of the Air Yeezy kicks before they drop. Good lookin' out Deadstock Don.

Johnny Cupcake x Cobra Kai

Check out this new tee from Johnny Cupcakes that resembles the Karate Kid series of movies. These tees are very limited! Get yours if you can!! Via Johnny Cupcakes.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Converse Weapon Skate

Check out this skate version of one of my faviorite Converse kicks of all time: The Weapon! There are currently three lows available and two high top versions as well. All are available now at Eastbay. Via The Converse Blog.

Mike Leavitt Sneaker Art

Give him some recycled cardboard, paper bag, along some glue and acrylic paint, and artist Mike Leavitt could create just about anything, including the replica sneakers above. A master of multiple mediums, who is comfortable in any forms of art, from painting to sculpture, the Seattle-base artist recently sat down with our friends at Arrested Motion to talked about his upcoming show at NYC’s Fuse Gallery as well as his Art Army installation and more. Via AM

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quagmire SB

For all you SB and/or Family Guy heads out there we bring you the Quagmire. It's obviously inspired by the shows lovable perve and features the colorway of his shirt. This sneaker has began releasing this week and should be at a skateshop near you. "What does Quagmire have to do with skateboarding", one may ask...I have no idea. Just enjoy the kicks (Giggity).

House Of Pain x ADIDAS

"Jump Around", you know the lyrics...Adidas and House Of Pain have come together to make one dope Campus. There are only 1500 available and I'm sure you can tell by the colorway that this is a St. Patrick's Day release! These kicks will drop March 17th at Concepts where House Of Pain will be in-store!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love At First Flight!

Check out this new release from NATION OF HARDWEAR! The Love At First Flight Tee goes with any combination of kicks you've got. For those of you not up on NOH you need to check them out ASAP!

Nike Air Flight Lite High Stealth/Team Red

For you High Top fans out there we present the Nike Air Flight Lite High. The colorway is Stealth/Team Red. As you can see this is Nike Retro at it's best! This sneaker is scheduled to release this Spring. Retail price is listed at $112. I don't know about you but these will be on my feet this Spring! Via The Shoe Game

Monday, March 9, 2009

Leaders 1354 Nike Huarache 2K8

Check out the new collabo featuring leaders 1354 and Nike. The sneaker used is a Huarache 2K8 and has a metallic silver colorway. Very nice.

Christian Faur...Crayon Art!

Artist Christian Faur understands not only the adult attraction to the ideals of crayons, but has amped them up to create incredible, hand-crafted, crayon-pixellated, eye-defying images that are unlike anything I’ve seen before. Straddling a crossing between sculpture and painting, wax and print, he assembles more than 100,000 hand-cast crayons of his own shades and hues into staggeringly beautiful works of art. Impressionistic, with a hint of trompe l’oeil, the tiny crayon columns of separate colour simultaneously appease the eye and defy it. This is crayon-Pointillism, taking the agonizingly detailed pin pricks of colour pain-stakingly arranged on the canvas, a la George Seurat, and leaving the brain to do the other half of the work. It’s beauty is partially already realized by the patterns of colour, but then our eye struggles to put the rest together. It’s jarring and gorgeous, creating an almost physical sensation as our mind tries to adjust these point of colour into one big comprehensive picture. The experience of trying to see it is just as important as finally seeing. Via Broccoli City

Converse All Star “Fresh Cut Grass” Sample

Converse brings us their Chuck Taylor All Star shoe with fuax grass stains covering the sole - perfect shoes to wear while cutting the grass! No word if these will ever release, but an interesting concept for sure. Via Ctothejl