Friday, December 30, 2011

Air Jordan Retro X (10) Stealth

New and detailed pics of the "Stealth" Air Jordan Retro X have hit the 'Net. We've seen these a couple of times already but as a refresher, they are set to drop on 3/24/2012. via KATC

Shaq promises a cool grand to anyone who gets a tattoo of a famous kiss

"I will pay one thousand dollars to anyone who gets a tattoo of that picture. Tweet me the pics." -- Shaquille O'Neal, Thursday night, on 'Inside the NBA.'

Shaq, in my eyes, has turned into quite the mensch after joining the fight for LGBT rights earlier this year. And perhaps it was the late night setting, or the chance to rip on Charles Barkley in his typical, jocular fashion, but it did appear as if Shaquille was a little too excitable on TNT's 'Inside the NBA' when it came time to rip on Barkley's awesome lip-lock with NBA referee Dick Bavetta from nearly five years ago.

So this is where you, the faithful wee hours viewer, come in. All it takes, apparently, is a tattoo of Barkley and Bavetta sharing a moment permanently singed into your skin to collect a thousand bucks from O'Neal after hitting him up on Twitter, presuming that Shaq's a man of his word. And you wouldn't tell a lie on air, would ya, TNT-rook?

I'm a little hamstrung for cash myself, and I still haven't gotten my first tattoo. Perhaps this is as good a reason as any to dive into the world of the inked-up. Either way, Ball Don't Lie faithful, I think it's time to deluge our man Shaq with a series of these things. Make sure you get Charles' Jock Ewing-esque pendant detailed properly. via Ball Don't Lie

Nike Air Flight 89 Returns

The Nike Air Flight 89 is back. As we reported a few months ago, the Air Flight 89 will release in new colorways next year. The first Air Flight 89 offering is starting to arrive at Nike retailers, including Oneness. Without a detailed breakdown, you can clearly see this black/red/white colorway is as simple as it gets. As we approach spring, we should see more vibrant colors of the Air Flight 89. Check with your local retailers for additional info. via The Shoe Game

New Balance 574 – Spring 2012 Colorways

Sneaker News brought you word of an upcoming New Balance 574 cast entirely in burgundy suede and mesh yesterday, but it looks like that shoe and the new ‘Classics’ tongue tag are still a ways off. That’s because here today, headed to retail with the more familiar tag are three new colorways, one of which finds itself dipped in a red shade somewhere between those burgundys and Ronnie Fieg’s recent Kith collab. This vibrant red shade finds its match in a plum edition that’s constructed identically, and this trio completes itself with the classic navy/silver combo showing off a bit of contrast stitching. Each of the three is solid in its own right, so how will you pick just one when you see them at retailers like West NYC? via Sneaker News

Monday, December 19, 2011

Nike Air Yeezy 2

One of the biggest stories this past week was the rumored release date of the , which is tentatively set to touch down on March 23rd, 2012. However, we still haven’t seen detailed shots of the until now, and the luxurious materials and design should make these as successful (or maybe more than) the original . The Black/Pink/Mint colorway features a premium croc-skin material on the upper with a molded heel (possibly Foamposite?) with a rugged nylon material with suede material foxing. On the medial side is a suede midfoot strap housing as well. The midsole features a combination of black and mint green with a translucent mint green outsole (with the construction borrowed from the Air Tech Challenge II). The idiom ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ certainly applies to the Air Yeezy 2 design, as it utilizes similar design formula used in the original. We’ve got a detailed set of images for you below, so take a good look and let us know what you think. via deadstockdon & Sneaker News

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lakers eye blockbuster trades

It is no secret that the Los Angeles Lakers would like to trade for Dwight Howard or Chris Paul, but sources with knowledge of the situation say the Lakers actually have something greater in mind: acquiring both players.

Hoping to pull off a pair of blockbuster moves that would rock the NBA, the Lakers are willing to trade anyone on their roster outside of Kobe Bryant to bring Howard and Paul to Los Angeles, two sources said.

Whether the Lakers are able to make it happen remains to be seen, but with stars Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom on the roster, they have the talent and the financial capacity to make the trades work.

The Lakers have had cursory discussions with New Orleans about Paul within the past few days. It is not clear whether they have spoken with Orlando.

Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak would not comment when asked about the Lakers' intentions to trade for both superstars, but in addressing general trade rumors surrounding his team, he gave the company line, saying the Lakers are happy with their current squad.

"This time of year, there are a lot of rumors going around," Kupchak said in a telephone conversation. "I'm aware of them and I'm not going to comment. Our comments have been pretty consistent -- this group can contend, so we'll just play it out. Nothing is about to happen. It's much too early in the season.

"We don't even have a collective bargaining agreement to refer to."

While Paul's first choice is to join buddies Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire on the New York Knicks, he would sign a long-term contract to stay with the Lakers, according to a source with knowledge of Paul's thinking. And Howard's fondness for Los Angeles is well-known, leaving no doubt that he would commit to the Lakers long-term.

Sources say Paul and Howard have had several conversations with each other about the possibility of playing together on various teams.

Several trade combinations would work for the Lakers. For instance, they could send Gasol to New Orleans for Paul, and Bynum to Orlando for Howard. If the Lakers threw Odom into the trade to Orlando, they could sweeten the offer for the Magic by taking back the contract of Hedo Turkoglu.

"The Lakers are interested in trying to do something for both (Paul and Howard)," a Western Conference executive said. "I would hate to see it happen. I want Howard to stay in the East and Paul to go to the East.

"If it does happen, it'll make things much harder for us."

The Lakers are not the only team in Los Angeles that's thinking big.

Sources say the Clippers also have intentions to go after both Howard and Paul. And like the Lakers, the Clippers are positioned -- financially and talent-wise to make such a move.

Unlike the Lakers, the Clippers would not have to make two trades. They could use their wealth of young talent to trade for either Paul or Howard and then sign the other as a free agent next summer when they'll have enough cap room to offer a maximum-salary contract. The one player the Clippers will not offer in a trade is Blake Griffin.

"The Lakers have company (in going after Howard and Paul)," another Western Conference official said. "The Clippers are doing the same thing." via ESPN

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nike Dunk High Premium iD | New Custom Options

The possibilities are becoming endless over at Nike iD with new custom options for the popular Nike Dunk High Premium iD. Not only can you fully customize your Nike Dunk with a variety of colors, you can now have your pick at corduroy or denim twill materials.

Things can only get better from this point. What are you waiting for? Head to Nike iD now to get start designing! via Sneakerfiles

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nike LeBron 9 ‘Freegums’ – Release Date + Info

Nike is set to drop another Miami-inspired colorway of the LeBron 9 just in time to ring in the new year.

First seen back in October, the LeBron 9 “Freegums” will be released this December. Produced in collaboration with the Miami-based artist and Peruvian native, the kicks sport his signature line drawings on the inner lining and on the etched white leather paneling of the upper.

Featuring a white/white-black-sport red colorway, the LeBron 9 “Freegums” will be available on December 31 for $170 via NikeStore and additional Nike retailers. via Sneakerfiles

New Balance ML574 ‘Year of the Dragon’ APAC Project

With the wave of ‘Year of the Rabbit’ inspired sneakers that have dropped in the recent year, New Balance taps into the Chinese Zodiac theme with the NB 574 ‘Year of the Dragon’ APAC Project.

This APAC Project features 3 models of the New Balance ML574. Each model features inspirations of the Zodiac with high quality leathers, dragon print and special tongue tag with a ‘Dragon’ kanji. Each version sports a unique color in black/gold, gold/red and red/gold in metallic blocking.

This pack is available overseas at Mita. via Sneakerfiles

Monday, November 28, 2011

Nation Of Hardwear Cyber Monday Deal: FREE SHIPPING


DeadStox Cyber Monday Deal - FREE SHIPPING!

As everybody knows we are just getting past Black Friday but now it's time for the online retailers to hook up the public with Cyber Monday deals! DeadStox is offering FREE shipping on any purchases made between now and November 29th 12:01 AM PST. Purchases can be both Domestic and International! Type in code: DSXCM at checkout to receive your FREE shipping from DeadStox!

Sucker4Clothes Cyber Monday Deal: SIVC Pocket T-Shirts | Free Shipping Worldwide

Starting from Black Friday (November 25th, 12am CET) until the end of Cyber Monday (November 28th, 11.59pm CET) there will be free shipping – no matter where you order from – on all orders over the weekend. If you haven’t picked up one of the very limited Sucker4Clothes SIVC pocket t-shirts yet, including a pocket square in a color of your choice, you are able to get one now and even save your shipping costs.

Now head over to before all tees are out of stock.

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Picture Of The Day: 11.26.11

Not judging, just thought it was funny!

Nation Of Hardwear Drop: The "HATFIELD" Crew

And now a few words from Nation Of Hardwear:



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The "FINAL SHOTS" Tee This ones moving dont sleep on it!

The "Applebum" & "Heavy Rotation" tees, available in two colorways each!

Nike SB Dunk Mid Noir/Black Lava – Summer 2012

As more 2012 previews surface, we can already start to feel the summer swelter from these scorching Nike SB samples. This SB makes proper use of suede and tumbled leather paneling with green suede making most of the upper and navy leather and suede combos. The upper sits upon a clean white midsole and low contrast tan sole. This noir/black-black lava/white colorway will be hitting accounts next year so stay tuned for official release info. via The Shoe Game

The NBA lockout is over

It took a 15-hour session pitched between the NBA and player representatives in New York that spilled over from Friday into early Saturday morning. It took nearly half a year, from pre-Draft negotiations in early summer spread nearly into the precipice of a chilly East Coast winter. But it's over. Good god almighty it's over. The NBA and its players have come to a tentative agreement, and the NBA lockout is over.

Details are scarce at this point, though ardent followers of this mess no doubt have an idea of where both sides stand a week from December, but one can certainly conclude that the NBA will begin playing basketball on Christmas Day, embarking on a 66-game season.

How the league's makeup, the way teams put together rosters and attempt to secure consistent revenue streams, remains to be seen. The reaction of the fans, alienated by a work stoppage in the midst of one of the worst global economic crisis of the last century, is easier to anticipate. Still, nearly all of that is washed away because of the promise of actual NBA basketball, set to tip off about a month from now.

From here, and in the comments section, you're right to rant about the needless, enervating mess that was this labor negotiation between the NBA and its players.

You're right to rave, though, as well. You're correct in picking fights with Celtics fans, or pointing out that Kobe was swept out of the playoffs last May. Point to the Mavericks' tired legs, the fact that Chicago can't shoot, or the idea that Miami is "Hollywood as hell."

For once, though, you're going to get to talk about basketball with an endgame in mind. We, as fans, barely got to do that even in the heat of a spectacular 2010-11 season because of the uncertainty of the long-anticipated lockout. And though we won't know which free agent is going where and under what financial terms for a few days; we do have basketball to prepare for. If you're not giddy at this point, even after being let down too many times to count, then I don't even know why you're on this site.

This is where we come in. Follow Ball Don't Lie, and the menschs that supply us with the honest-to-goodness reporting at Yahoo! Sports, for whatever follows.

For the first time in half a year, cats and kittens, we've got something to follow. Our long, needless nightmare is over. React accordingly. via Ball Don't Lie

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nike LeBron 9 ‘Blackout’ – Available Early on eBay

Ready to empty your bank account? It’s that time of year with the holiday shopping mania right around the corner, and 2011 is shaping up to be the biggest year yet, by any measure. There’s a ton of heat hitting on Black Friday and the days to follow, but here’s one that’s taking the opposite approach and popping up on the other side of Turkey Day. The Nike LeBron 9 will hit on Wednesday, November 23rd in this ‘Blackout’ colorway, its plain pigmentation all but assuring a quick sellout. But if you plan on attending school for a half day or something else more important on Thanksgiving Eve, you might consider grabbing your ‘Blackout’ LeBron 9s right now from kicksmonstar2010 on eBay. via Sneaker News

Nike Air Foamposite One – Metallic Red – Black

There was quite a bit of Foamposite construction on display at the adidas-sponsored Dwight Howard’s D-12 Celebrity All Star Game, but neither of the pairs we saw worn by the guy who introduced the spaceage material are scheduled for retail release. Images like those always taste bittersweet, but luckily, even if you can’t get your hands on the all-white Nike Air Foamposite Ones Penny Hardaway has been spotted wearing recently, there is indeed a fully stocked arsenal of Foam Ones ready to go in 2012. The ‘Metallic Red’ Air Foamposite One is one of those latter day Air Penny releases that hints at Hardaway’s time as one of the Miami Heat, though that stint was short and insignificant enough to his legacy that you’ll probably hear more people note their colorway and its proximity to Valentine’s Day. In either case, they do indeed paint a rosy picture for the future of Foamposite colorways. via Osneaker & Sneaker News

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nike Air Trainer SC II – Black – Anthracite

The Nike Air Trainer SC II is best known for its original ‘Infrared’ and ‘Citron’ colorways and perhaps in recent months the new drops that employ the same blocking schemes with different vibrant accent shades. That’s part of what makes the second Trainer SC such a geat candidate for early ’90s time capsule material, but in no way precludes this twenty year old trainer from proving its worth in thedarker side of the spectrum. A Dark Metallic Grey leather edition just proved this fact and its case is further bolstered by the black nubuck edition pictured above. Expertly applied grey and white sections give these new Air Trainer SC IIs an unprecedentedly crisp feel, which is fitting given that you’ll need to brave the slowly freezing elements to grab these in-store only at Premier. via Sneaker News

Air Jordan XIV ‘Last Shot’ – Official Images

What a difference a few years makes. In Game 6 of the 1995 Eastern Conference Finals, Michael attempted the Bulls’ ‘last shot’ of the game, but ended up making an errant pass in mid-air that led to a turnover and an eventual loss. How did Michael bounce back? By leading the Bulls to the greatest NBA team record of all-time and winning three straight championships. Yikes. So in 1998 in another Game 6 scenario, Michael stuck with his primary weapon – his mid-range jumper – and sealed the deal by driving right, crossing back to his left, and shattering the hearts of 40,000+ Utah Jazz fans. It was a moment that defined Michael’s career, but let’s not forget that his defense was also one of the best ever (remember, he stole the ball from Karl Malone to set up that last shot scene). Dropping this December 17th will be the Air Jordan XIV ‘Last Shot’, one week before the Concords hit the stage. via Sneaker News

J4K x TRS Now Available

J4K is back in a collaborative effort with The Retro Sole! J4K x TRS features previously available prints in new colorways. If you're looking for t-shirts/crewnecks to go with your kicks this holiday season we've got you covered! There will be crewnecks added to the website in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nation Of Hardwear Drop: The "FINAL SHOTS" Tee

Head over to Nation Of Hardwear to pick up The Final Shots tee, available now!

Nike SB Dunk Low – Matte Silver – Green | Summer 2012

If there has been an unifying theme amongst the Nike SB Dunk releases as of late, it would have to be the textured look that we’ve seen pop up again and again. From the Dark Oak Nike SB Dunk Highs to the two pairs of ‘Passport’ lows, it seems that someone over at Swoosh headquarters wants this crop of sneakers to be just as good to feel as they are to look at. The theme will extend well into next year with this upcoming that we first showed you back in our comprehensive preview of the Summer 2012 season. We’re back with a detailed look, showing off the combo of pebbled uppers and a faux-snakeskin look on the swoosh that gives these a very reptilian feel. via Dunkbar & Sneaker News

Nike Zoom Rookie LWP – White/Black – Release Date + Info

Following up the release of the glow-in-the-dark “Luminous Pearl” and “Binary Blue” colorways, the Zoom Rookie LWP is set to drop in a clean white/black look this holiday season.

With a white Foamposite upper alongside black nubuck and an icy outsole, these are almost identical to the “Luminous Pearl”, but lack the glow-in-the-dark feature.

This Air Go LWP/Air Up/Air Flight One/Foamposite hybrid is set to drop December 21 for $200 via select Nike Sportswear retailers. via Sneakerfiles

Nike SB Dunk High “Dark Oak”

Back in February, we took a look at a black/grey/white Nike SB Dunk mid that several had begun referring to as the “Oakland Raiders” pair because of the football team’s similar uniform colors. Months later, we report on a different sort of “oak” Nike SB Dunk. The Nike SB Dunk high pictured here comes in a dark oak colorway, with a nice pebbled leather texture along the upper and dark brown paneling. Black is seen on both the Nike swoosh and soles. A tentative release month is set for December; so, keep your eyes (and pockets) peeled if these are calling your name (and/or closet). via Sneakerfiles

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Custom Air Jordan VI (6) ‘No Losses’ by Alexander Borgella | Now Available

If there’s any two color combinations that we wouldn’t mind seeing on some of our favorite sneakers, it would have to be green and orange. As seen on the 2005 release of the Air Jordan Undefeated IV (4) Retro, one of sneaker history’s best, and the Olive Air Jordan V (5) Retro, the green and orange combo has made for an unmatched duo unlike any other to date.

What may come as a pleasant surprise, custom designer Alexander Borgella has incorporated the olive and orange combo into his new Custom Air Jordan VI (6) ‘No Losses’. The nicely executed custom resembles the Air Jordan retroes as mentioned above with the use of an olive upper, orange laces, and white, black, and orange paneling along the midsole.

Would you agree that this custom could almost pass as an official release? Let us know if the comment box below, and if you like what you see, grab a pair now over at Shop Impeccable. via Sneakerfiles

Nike Air Foamposite One ‘Golden State’

The launch of the Sole Collector x Nike ‘Penny Signature Pack’ late last month at Nike Las Vegas was already slated to be a significant event for Foamposite-equipped Nike Sportswear classics, but then Gentry Humphrey showed up and cranked things up to ’11′ with a variety of new showoffs in the original Foam silhouettes. A variety of Nike Air Foamposite One and Pro colorways were shown off that day including the ‘Metallic Red’, ‘USA’ and ‘Galaxy’ editions, and now, our first new images since that day of a Foam One whose yellow upper was inspired by the Draft Day 1993 trade that forever changed Hardaway and Chris Webber’s NBA careers. The Air Foamposite One ‘Golden State’ reps the Bay Area with a shade that’s more vibrant than the Warriors true colors, yet definitely in line with the GSW look, especially when compared to the Volt color many were expecting. via Sneaker News

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Air Jordan X (10) ‘Old Royal’ | New Images

Next year continues to look very promising for Jordan Brand fans as the Air Jordan IV (4) Retro White/ Cement, Air Jordan Spiz’ike “Bordeaux”, and Air Jordan X (10) ‘Old Royal’ all release February 2012.

Taking a look at new detailed images, the Air Jordan X (10) ‘Old Royal’ maintains usual color-blocking as expected from the Jordan X model with its Old Royal and Stealth grey paneling on the upper midfoot and outsole. Also, to much satisfaction, Jordan Brand has done away with the stitched number “23″ logo on the side panel as previously seen on the Air Jordan 10 Shadow Countdown Pack. via Sneakerfiles

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nation Of Hardwear Drop: The "FINAL SHOTS" Tee

Head over to Nation Of Hardwear to pick up The Final Shots tee, available now for pre-order and will ship November 7th!

Nike Huarache Free Winter 2012 Collection

The legendary Nike Huarache is set to return in 2012 with a twist. Building on the classic look and feel of the OG Nike Huarache Basketball sneaker and the Nike Huarache Running sneaker, Nike will introduce the Nike Huarache Free Collection during the Winter of 2012. via KATC

Nike Air Foamposite One ‘Metallic Red’

We see that Nike is poised to take advantage of the Air Huarache’s 21st birthday next year with a variety of revisions to the original, and we can’t forget about their 15 year-old basketball phenom cousins, now, can we? The Nike Air Foamposite One, Pro and their offspring (namely, the Zoom Rookie LWP) are headed into 2012 with a ton of momentum, much of it generated by a number of colorways revealed by Gentry Humphrey at the Nike Las Vegas launch of Penny Hardaway’s Signature Pack. And while the ‘Galaxy’ Humphrey himself was pictured wearing is certainly the ‘star’ of the bunch, the above pictured ‘Metallic Red’ edition gets right at the heart of timeless roundball style with a colorway that would’ve been just as popular back in 1997 as they’re destined to be next year. via Kicks-lab & Sneaker News

Air Jordan IV White – Cement

We’ve only seen detailed angles of the Air Jordan IV White/Cement in kids sizes, and one collective fear shared by the sneaker world was the possibility of the leather/suede wrapped lace harness (you know, that triangular piece on the upper). This thorough viewing relieves a few concerns by revealing a plastic-type Wings as well as black speckling on the midsole (earlier samples revealed grey speckling). via rstor & Sneaker News

New Fitteds @ ECAP CITY: Custom NEW ERA 59Fifty Fitted Caps

With the upcoming fight of Pacquiao vs. Marquez III, eCapCity is re-releasing the Filipino Crest New Era fitted hat. The Filipino Crest New Era Hat is made in an all Royal Blue. The front of the fitted has a Filipino Crest while the back has the countries flag. Next is the eCapCity "C" logo New Era fitted cap. Our "C" logo is embroidered on the front of the crown. It comes in a Dark Grey Flannel material that is perfect for the cold weather. via Strictly Fitteds

Saturday, October 29, 2011


And now a few words from Nation Of Hardwear: "Bo Knows" was an advertising campaign produced by add firm Wieden + Kennedy for NIKE to promote their cross-training shoes releassed in 1989/1990 and featured NFL and MLB player Bo Jackson doing a decathalon (if not more) of differnt sports and joined by some of sports finest atheletes (Jordan, Gretzky, Foreman, McEnroe) and was scored by Rock & Roll Hall of Fame musician, Bo Diddley.

The inspiration behind the tees was the "jack of all trades" aspect of the og campaign, something we can relate to here at Nation Of Hardwear. The colorways are attributed to things we dig and the logo is a mash up of our funk with the everyday straight and narrow. Available now in multiple colorways @ Nation Of Hardwear!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Terrell Owens gets contract offer from WR-needy Chicago team

Not that one. Or that one. This one.

So, maybe no NFL teams showed up to watch Terrell Owens work out on Tuesday. Owens still maintained confidence that some team would be interested in his services, and as it turns out, he was right. It just might not be the team he had in mind.

It's the Chicago Rush of the Arena Football League. They want to bring T.O. into the 50-yard indoor war.

"We feel that this is an ideal time to approach the future NFL Hall of Famer," said Rush General Manager and President Gene Nudo. "It would be a fantastic honor to add Terrell to our current roster for the 2012 season."

It's a bold move by Nudo, who I believe used to be known in the WWE as "Paul Bearer." Here's a later paragraph from the same news article that in no way makes this look like an empty publicity stunt.

In honor of this contract offer the Chicago Rush is offering an $81 Flex Plan to its loyal fans. The plan includes four tickets to a Chicago Rush home game. Additionally, the package includes four Rush hats as well as four Rush Nike Dri-Fit training shirts to ensure Rush fans will never have to work out shirtless again.

Probably not a reference to this. It's probably motivated purely by football, and not by any media attention Owens is receiving right now, despite the fact that the Arena Football League doesn't play a game until March. Let's hear from the coach.

"Terrell would absolutely complement our current wide receiving corps," said Rush Head Coach Bob McMillen. "His animation and over-the-top energy would be an excellent addition in the locker room, and the Chicago fans would undoubtedly welcome him here in Chicago."

If you're wondering about the rest of that wide receiving corps, it includes Reggie Gray, Vic Hall, Charles Dillon and Brandon Fields. I have no idea who any of those fellows are, but I'm sure their styles of play would complement T.O.'s very well.

What do you think is more likely to happen? Terrell Owens playing this year in the NFL, or next year in the Arena League? via Shutdown Corner

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nation Of Hardwear: LIKELY DS - Box Series - PINK-BLACK

Whether you collect, rock 'em or skate & destroy, we all have our favorites and nothing beats a fresh "Deadstock" pair! Inspired by the boxes that crowd our closets, trunks and attics. We give you the LIKELY DS Tee (BOX Series 1. Get yours now at Nation Of Hardwear!

New Fitteds @ ROCK-N-JOCKS: MITCHELL & NESS x NFL Raiders Caps

ROCK-N-JOCKS wants you to “Just Win Baby” with these five custom Los Angeles Raiders Mitchell & Ness fitted hats. The Raiders are one of the hottest teams in the league right now so you should also be one of the hottest on the streets by picking all five of these up. Only place in world to get these is only at via Strictly Fitteds

Nike Sportswear Holiday 2011 Vac Tech Pack

'VacuumTechnology'. That curious translation found at the top of the latest release announcement from Tokyo's Nike Harajuku might have you picturing one of those ball-powered Dyson cleaners. Nike Sportswear probably realized a name like that would end up with some interesting Google results, so luckily, the naming minds over in Beaverton came up with something a little snappier to match this season's most prominent fabrication method. The NSW VacTech collection rolls on with a new slate of drops including Nike Air Force 1 Highs and Lows, an Air Max 90 to match the AF1 High and three Dunk Highs, two of which also matches AF1s. They range from all-suede to all-glossy patent leather. via Sneaker News

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pusha T Addresses His Perceived Drake Dis

Drake dis? What Drake dis? Pusha T went to visit WGCI’s DJ Moon Dawg in Chicago to clear the air on October 18. When the topic of Pusha’s supposed beef with Drizzy came up, the G.O.O.D. Music lyricist shot down the notion.

“I’ve never said that man,” Push remarked about the rumored shots he threw at the Young Money solider.

“I think people hear these freestyles and they forget that this rap thing is a real competitive situation and me personally, I’m like really good. I’m sorta good at this,” he said.

Using Drizzy’s “Dreams Money Can Buy” as his backdrop Pusha Ton threw an ambiguous line like,“Rappers on their sophomores claiming that they’re boss lords/ Fame’s such a funny thing for sure.” Because Drake is preparing his second album Take Care many speculated that the Clipse rapper was taking aim. Not the case said Push.

“You’re never gonna hear me say that I was dissin’ Drake or anything like that, I actually like him,” he said.

In an interview with Hot 97‘s Funk Master Flex in New York on October 13 Drake said that he wasn’t put off by the line either. “I listened to it and i just couldn’t pick it out. I couldn’t pick out where I was supposed to be offended,” Drizzy said.

During the interview Pusha went on to comment on the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher, citing Meek Mill and Joe Budden as two of his favorites. He also talked about the possibility of French Montana joining G.O.O.D. Music, though he didn’t confirm that any signing took place.

Lastly, the Virginia rhyme dealer confirmed that he is working with Kanye and company on a G.O.O.D. Music compilation as well as his own solo album which will come out in 2012. via Rap Fix

League source says an 82-game schedule could still happen

When the NBA canceled the first two weeks of its season, the assumption was that those games were never coming back and the league would adjust its schedule to feature fewer than the normal 82 games. Cancellation is not postponement.

At least one report suggests that this might not be the case. In fact, if the league reaches a deal with the union soon, it may still play a full schedule. From KC Johnson for the Chicago Tribune:

Another league source said that, despite Stern's cancellation, there still is a possibility an 82-game schedule can be salvaged in a lengthened season that would stretch into July. That is, if progress continues to the point a deal is made this week.

It would be a minor miracle for there to be 82 games, in part because it seems unlikely a deal can be reached that soon. Which, oddly enough, is why I think there's a decent chance it's a negotiating ploy and little more.

The sooner the lockout gets resolved, the more likely it is that ownership will get a deal that favors them considerably (as opposed to one that favors them only a bit). If the league can build critical mass from its fans in favor of a resolution by teasing the possibility of a full season just weeks after it said it couldn't happen, then it'll do it. Eighty-two games is what everyone wants, so why not make everyone think it's a possibility to drive public opinion? via Ball Don't Lie

Jordan XV1.5 (16.5) Ray Allen Boston Celtics Home PE

Ray Allen's Air Jordan PEs have been driving the 'Net crazy for years now and we're going to go ahead and add yet another gem into the growing catalog of heat that Ray holds, the Boston Celtics Ray Allen Jordan XV1.5 PE. Designed to match Ray's home uniform, the Boston Celtics Ray Allen Jordan XV1.5 PE features a White based textured leather and patent upper with a hit of Green croc on the heel, a hit of Green patent on the tongue with Ray's "Sugar Ray" logo, Green eyelets, a Green midsole, and an icy outsole. In true PE status, Ray's XV1.5 PEs were giving to him in a personalized suitcase. via KATC

Nike Court Force – White – Anthracite – Wolf Grey

Nike Sportswear has expanded its casually-oriented lifestyle offerings alongside the ever-growing array of retro runs, leaving a couple of former staples lacking the same kind of attention they got, say, five years ago. Much like the Vandal, the Nike Court Force High has been relegated to occasional playing time in recent years, but this new white and grey getup proves there's still plenty of life left in this hightop classic. There's never been a Court Force quite like this before but they feel familiar with colorblocking that accentuates the '80s-era lines on this immediate predecessor to the recently revived Sky Force '88. via Sneaker News

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Young Jeezy's TM 103 Now Set For December 20

Young Jeezy’s long-delayed album, TM 103: Hustlerz Ambition has been given a new release date, December 20 Def Jam announced on Thursday. The third chapter in Jeezy’s Thug Motivation series has been plagued with setbacks since 2009, but is now set to drop before the end of the year. via Rap Fix

Nike LeBron 9 ‘Scarface’

Now that we've cleared up the whole 'Scarface' fiasco, here's another look at the Nike LeBron 9 'Home' colorway, originally dubbed the 'Scarface' LeBron 9; like the Freegums x Nike LeBron 9, the 'Home' features a combination of White/Black/Red, akin to those Scarface movie posters that are currently hanging on the walls of 86% of male college dorm-rooms. What makes the 'Scarface' stick out from the rest is the contrasting red Flywire at the forefoot; all of the other LeBron 9 colorways we've seen so far use a muted secondary color that blends in with the breathable shell upper, but the sport red Flywire cables provides a nice touch to give these an extra tech-y appeal. via Sneaker News

Air Jordan XIV – White – Red | 2012 Retro

Michael Jordan's last shot with the Bulls came in the Black/Red Air Jordan XIV in '98, but his legacy has remained strong and sturdy for generations thereafter. This White/Red OG colorway of the XIV was never actually worn by Michael, but the Air Jordan XIV is widely considered to be part of the 'Championship Bulls-era' of Air Jordans, even though Michael wore them for just 1.5 games. Following the December 2011 release of the Last Shot XIV is the 2012 re-release of the White/Red 'Bulls' colorway, which last released in 2005 alongside a slew of new and old XIVs. via Sneaker News

Nation Of Hardwear: LIKELY DS - Box Series - GOLD-BLACK

Whether you collect, rock 'em or skate & destroy, we all have our favorites and nothing beats a fresh "Deadstock" pair! Inspired by the boxes that crowd our closets, trunks and attics. We give you the LIKELY DS Tee (BOX Series 1. Get yours now at Nation Of Hardwear!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Air Jordan Retro III (3) Premium Black Flip Release Date

Following on the heels of November's big Black/Cement Air Jordan Retro III release, Jordan Brand is set to release the Black Flip Air Jordan Retro III Premium on 12/3. Numbers will be limited and the Black Flip will carry the "premium" price tag of $175. via KATC

Nike LeBron 9 ‘Miami Nights’

designer Jason Petrie recently confirmed this Cool Grey/Cherry colorway of the LeBron 9 to be this year's high-energy 'Miami Nights' installment. These are clearly a lot more subtle than the LeBron 8 V/2 Low 'Miami Nights', but convey the same message; Miami Nights are about parties. The Dark Grey/Black combo is a clear signature of night-time, which the Cherry and Purple point to the dazzling night-club colors (all you need is a bottle of your favorite spirits to get the night started). The 'Miami Nights' is currently set for a release on November 4th. via Sneaker News

Jordan CMFT Viz Air 11 LTR

Play around with Air Jordan colorways and materials and you're likely to come to a collision between Carbon Fiber and Elephant Print. The upcoming November 2011 releases of Jordan CMFT Viz Air 11 embraces that crossroads with its new releases, using faux carbon fiber with a glossy finish on the mudguard with alternate colors of elephant print on the heel in three different colorways. via Sneaker News

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

White Nike Air Foamposite One – New Images + Not Releasing

The White Nike Air Foamposite One as worn by Penny Hardaway at the Memphis Madness season opener this past weekend will NOT be releasing.

The rare colorway was a 1-of-1 production for Mr. Penny to wear at the event. Taking into consideration that the legend prefers all white sneakers in the summer, Marc Dolce of Nike Sportswear did just the right thing by creating these “exclusive” foamposites. via Sneakerfiles