Friday, July 30, 2010

Larry Bird 7UP Commercial - Reeeeal Retro!

I love Larry Bird commercials. Maybe it's the fabulous scripting, or maybe it's because Bird always comes off like he's acting at gunpoint. At least that might explain those blank stares and the lifeless oration.

But this commercial -- which is from Bird's rookie year -- shows us Larry's playful side. Also his painfully dorky side.

The commercial's climax features a hilariously fake dunk, shameless mugging for the camera and the most awkwardly delivered line in Bird's long and storied history of awkwardly delivered lines.I hope that bottle of 7UP was worth it, Larry. Via Basketbawful

Air Jordan Retro 11 – “Cool Grey” – New Images

As is usually the case, once the first images of a new shoe leak, more promptly follow. After taking a first-look at the “Cool Grey” Air Jordan Retro 11, more images of the highly anticipated sneaker have surfaced. Unlike the previous set of images, this pair comes in an adult size, and even shows what they look like while being worn. Once again you see the blue tint on the sole that some readers speculated might not be as evident on the adult sizes. After taking a couple looks, how do you feel about this year’s Cool Grey 11 Retro? Via Sole Collector

Nike Dunk SB Mid-Black/Aquamarine

Adding to next month’s Nike SB releases is a simple SB Dunk Mid that is sure to turn heads with its nice combination of materials. Sporting a complete black base, this SB Dunk mid features a mix of suede and smooth leather on the upper while Aquamarine hits the laces and tongue logo. Black laces are also included for the simpler outfit.

Expect for these to hit your local Nike SB retailers sometime next month. Via Sole Collector

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nike Air Diamond Turf – Black/Deep Emerald-White-Metallic Gold

With the amount of money invested in athletes today, it may be a long time before we see a player actively compete (and excel) in two major North American sports. In the 90s, “Prime Time” Deion Sanders was known for his ability to perform on the gridiron and the baseball diamond. As a result, Nike created the Air Diamond Turf, the ultimate trainer for a two-sport athlete. More than 17 years later, the Air Diamond Turf is still making its way to retailers. Today, we have a look at a returning colorway from the shoe’s original run.

This Air Diamond Turf features a black nubuck base, with white leather working overlays on the side and a strap across the midfoot. Like the original colorway that recently released, the shoe makes use of metallic gold on the strap, but switches out sport red accents for deep emerald on the Swoosh, heel tab, branding, and outsole. According to RegularOlTy, we should expect to see a release sometime soon. Via Sole Collector

Color: Black/Deep Emerald-White-Metallic Gold
Style: 309434-038

Mark Cuban makes his rap video debut

Mark Cuban has been an icon for rappers since, at least, 2007 when Lil' Wayne told Complex Magazine that "he's a G for real." Rappers like talking about how much money they have, so it's only natural that they'd gravitate towards a baller like the Cubes. Heck, the Dallas Mavericks owner even turned up in a song called "Work" by D.C. rapper Wale ("Jordan was cool, but I'm on that Mark Cuban"). Needless to say, Mark Cuban's legit.

That's why it makes total sense that Cuban would have a cameo in Dallas rapper Dorrough's video for his single "Get Big." Cuban owns a Dallas team and has a ton of money; Dorrough is from Dallas and has an entire song based on having a ton of money. It's a perfect fit, like nectarines on a turkey sandwich.

Cuban's cameo lasts for about 10 seconds of handshaking in the beginning, then another three at the end of the song where he points at his chest and looks hilarious while his name flashes on the screen. Unfortunately — or, perhaps, fortunately — that's not nearly enough time for Cuban to bust out any of his world-famous dance moves. Of course, the shirt he's wearing does have sleeves, so he probably wouldn't have felt comfortable cuttin' a rug anyways.
Peep the video after the jump. Via Ball Don't Lie

Video: 'Press Hop 2' featuring LeBron James

If you watched NBA basketball last season and sat through more than one commercial break, you're familiar with Steve Porter's work. He's the guy behind that excellent ad campaign with all your favorite NBA players singing without singing. And, as you probably know, Porter first made his bones on the Internet with a little ditty called "Press Hop."

Now, almost a year after his breakout hit, Porter has returned with a sequel, perfectly named "Press Hop 2." And yes, it features LeBron James' "I'm taking my talents to South Beach" quite prominently.

Don't try to act like you don't love this. I could have used a little more Ron Artest. OK, fine, a lot more Ron Artest. Not a single word exists that is more melodious than "psychiatrist." Via Ball Don't Lie

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yao Ming is contemplating retirement

'Twas less than a week ago that the Houston Rockets introduced Brad Miller and his camouflage shorts as the newest member of their team. We applauded the great fit, and not just because of the abundant hunting opportunities. Not only would Miller be playing in a system that values his skills — passing, perimeter shooting, other things that start with "P" — but he'd also be stepping into a low-pressure situation where he could excel in limited minutes. It was all good, baby bay-bay.

However, it turns out we might be seeing a lot more of Brad Miller in the next few years. Because not only is Yao Ming unsure about how he will perform this coming season, he's also contemplating ending his career if his foot doesn't heal right. From the Associated Press:
In comments to Chinese state media Monday, Yao sounded far from optimistic about his future and also made a rare criticism of China's national basketball program.

"If the foot injury does not heal next season, I might choose to call it quits," he said. [...]
Yao, who has been in China to promote some of his charity events, all but ruled out playing in the 2012 London Olympics.

"The chance is very small," the 7-6 center was quoted as saying by the official Xinhua News Agency. "The foot injury will not allow me to play so many games anymore. Like I said before, I will quit the national team and the sport one day. It's what happens to every athlete."

Leave it to Yao Ming to be completely OK with his impending basketball mortality even though it's five years too early. It seems like just yesterday that Yao was sporting the pinstriped Rockets uniforms made famous by Matt Maloney, and now he's all but telling us he's almost done with the NBA. Somebody grab me some tissues.

Of course, there is a chance that Yao's foot will be fine this season. Zydrunas Ilgauskas went through a similar injury and surgery early in his career, and has played eight seasons since then. He was 23 when he broke his foot, which makes healing a lot easier than recovering from the same injury at 30.

I guess all we can do now is hope that Yao's foot turns out to be no big deal. Well, size 18 kicks are pretty large, but I meant "big" in a metaphorical sense. At the very least, the Rockets have the most enjoyable center ever signed for the next four years. It'd be tough to lose Yao, but those next three years would be filled with so many hearty laughs. Via Ball Don't Lie

Nike Air Force 1 WBF Five Boroughs Pack – “Queens”

Slowly, but surely, all five pairs from the Nike Air Force 1 WBF “Five Boroughs Pack” are being revealed. Earlier, we got a look at pairs representing the Bronx and Manhattan. The latest colorway is a salute to Queens. This shoe pairs white tumbled leather with green wool on the upper. Yellow hits the inner liner, chenille Swoosh, and piping throughout. Like the other pairs, a white midsole and gum rubber outsole complete the look. Look for these at Queens retailers, like Moe’s at the Coliseum Mall. Via Sole Collector

Monday, July 26, 2010

Leak: Spring ‘11 Nike Foamposite Pro Retro in Electric Green/ Black

When word first leaked online a few months ago about an upcoming Foamposite Pro Retro featuring an Electric Green base, understandably there was an equal mix of excitement and curiosity. Many wondered aloud if Nike would simply be playing off of the huge success of the “Kryptonate” Foamposite Lite from 2009, which, despite its energy success, was practically impossible to own outside of the release of just 48 pairs at the Harlem House Of Hoops.

A recent line sheet presentation leak shares a pretty solid look at the Electric Green/ Black Foamposite Pro Retro, slated to release during the first quarter of 2011 with a $190 retail price. You may be wondering about the “Image To Be Confirmed” note, but I’ll go ahead and confirm that the shade of Electric Green is indeed spot on to what will be releasing. No exact release date as of now, but they’re set for a limited release in March. Via Sole Collector

Nike Foamposite Pro Retro
Color: Electric Green/Black-White
Style: 624041-300
Price: $190.00

Video: Carlos Arroyo gets slap happy in the paint

If you were wondering why the Miami Heat wanted Carlos Arroyo so much, just know it wasn't for the normal reasons. Sure, he was cheap, the Heat needed a backup point guard and he had a history with the team, but the real reason they brought him back was because they needed an enforcer. They needed a guy who would stand up to whichever team tried to punk any of the Heat's marquee players. Yeah, Udonis Haslem and Joel Anthony would seem to be those guys, but I don't seem to remember them getting in a slapfight after someone played a little too physical down low.

But that's exactly what Carlos Arroyo did Sunday in Puerto Rico's matchup with Mexico in the Central American and Caribbean Games. Check it out.

You know, sometimes you've just got to get the faceslaps out of your system and there's no use wasting time. I mean, if an opposing basketball player tells you your eyebrows are over-tweezed you need to set him straight, right then and there. And there's really no better place for a slapfight than in the middle of a basketball game. Just ask Rafer Alston. Via Ball Don't Lie

Marbury didn't reject the Heat, he's just waiting for a call back

On Saturday we all had some laughs about Stephon Marbury turning down a chance to play with the Miami Heat. 'Twas typical Marbury to refuse a shot at a championship in order to throw "alley-hoops" and shoot halfcourt threes in China. However, there's another part of Stephon Marbury that rears it's head pretty often — fighting with the media.

And now, he's doing just that, making this the perfect Marbury story arc. From the New York Post's Marc Berman:

Marbury, back in China for promotional events, said a Chinese reporter mixed up the translation of his remarks and that it was erroneously reported he had rejected the Dream Team's overtures -- an account picked up in New York.

The 33-year-old told The Post that the Heat contacted him in early July before LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh formed the Dream Team and told him they would get back to him after "they handled all the things they had to handle."

Marbury still is waiting to hear back from Heat president Pat Riley, as Miami continues filling out its roster and could use another point guard. Marbury has not heard from James or Wade.
"It's total nonsense, why would I turn down a chance to play for the Miami Heat?" an irate Marbury told The Post from Beijing. "The report was a fabrication."

OK, cool. This makes a bunch of sense too. It's pretty easy to envision a scenario where the Heat were brainstorming ways to build their team and someone suggested Marbury making a return to the NBA. Then, maybe the Heat made a call and told him they'd get back to him after adding James and Bosh, then realized they had seriously just called Stephon Marbury asking him to play a small role on a team competing for a championship. Then they probably shared a hearty belly-laugh and ate tuna salad sandwiches before moving on to more serious matters. That is a very feasible thing that may have happened.

And while Marbury says the report is both a fabrication and a misquote, he also clarified part of his statement to Xinhua News, telling the Post that "[his] point to the Chinese journalist was that a point guard is not essential on that unit because James and Wade handle the ball so much and he would be taking on a small role in their success, as opposed to his status in China." So basically, yeah, he might prefer starring in China to barely playing in Miami. I'm not quite sure how a report can be fabricated but also contain inaccurate quotes while still needing to be expanded upon, but I also don't have a tattoo on my scalp. Yet.

While we don't really know what's going on here, we do know one thing is true. If, somehow, Stephon Marbury ends up back in the NBA, he will be the exact same guy that left a year ago. That's kind of comforting. Via Ball Don't Lie

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Of course Stephon Marbury turned down the Miami Heat

The Miami Heat are just about done filling out their roster for next season. Outside of LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, the team is filled with cheap role players, rookies and Mike Miller. But really, with those three main guys, it doesn't really matter who's around them for the team to be good. The Heat may be top-heavy, but when the top is that heavy, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

However, just to test the limits of that approach to roster building, the Heat made a surprising offer, hoping to round out their roster.

From Xinhua News:

Stephon Marbury said Friday he is still looking for a chance to play in China again though the Miami Heat showed interests in signing the point guard. The fomer NBA All-Star guard said the Heat contacted him through the player association of the NBA before LeBron James announced he would join in Miami on a live televesion show. "I'll wait and see what'll happen," Marbury said during an interview with local media at the

"They (the Heat) wanted a point guard. But I don't think a point guard would do much in the team as they've already had the Three Guys (Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh)."
That's Stephon Marbury in a nutshell — he'd rather get big stats in China than try to fit in on a possible championship team because his talents wouldn't be used the way he wants. Never change, Steph. I mean, shooting half-court threes is definitely fun.

It'd also be interesting to know if the Heat really contacted Stephon Marbury to play for them, or if he's just fudging things a little bit. Personally, I'd like to think that when Pat Riley was putting together his master plan he started with re-signing Dwyane Wade, then recruiting Chris Bosh and LeBron James to join the team, followed by immediately getting on the phone with Stephon Marbury to see if he'd be interested in trying to win a title with the Heat. Classic team building, really.

In reality, the Heat probably asked Marbury if he'd ever consider returning to the NBA. Then Marbury probably looked at the Heat roster, realized that Dwyane Wade wouldn't give up No. 3 and decided he wouldn't risk having a head tattoo that doesn't match his jersey after what happened in Boston. He doesn't want to be a laughing stock, after all. Via Ball Don't Lie

Breaking News: Air Jordan 7 “Olympic” – Release Info

TheShoeGame can finally confirm the official release date and info for the Olympic Air Jordan 7 (Love of the Game). To commemorate the 1992 USA Olympic Dream Team Hall of Fame induction on August 13th, Jordan Brand will re-release the Air Jordan 7 that Michael Jordan wore during the 92 Olympics on Friday, August 13th.

The shoes will release as a quickstrike in limited quantities at select US Jordan Brand accounts. Check with your local Jordan retailers for additional info. The Jordan 7’s suggested retail price is $150. Also, dropping the same day is a Jordan 7 retro tee ($34) and fitted cap ($32). The Olympic Air Jordan 7, t-shirt, and fitted cap is set to launch Friday, August 13th. Via The Shoe Game

Nike Air Foamposite Pro – “Pearl” – New Images

As we all know, the Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Pearl” is set to make a return later this year. Being one of the most anticipated releases of 2010, not much has to be said about these. We now bring you the latest shots of these bad boys. Sitting on the icy blue translucent sole we all love, they feature a pearl Foamposite base, while a black Swoosh accents the upper. Black is added for the laces, tongue and inner sockliner. While there is no official release date, they are set to hit retailers this fall. Via Sole Collector

Color: Pearl White/Black-True Red
Style: 624041-206
Price: $200.00

Friday, July 23, 2010

NBA 2K11 – The Greatest is Back

Often labeled as basketball’s greatest competitor, Michael Jordan never hides the fact that he misses being able to compete at the highest level in the game he loves. Vindication is on the way! Well…sort of. We’ve all heard about MJ’s highly publicized return to video game consoles as the face of NBA 2K11. The game, which features a rare virtual appearance from His Airness, is slated to drop in October. To help build the buzz (as if it were needed), 2KSports recently released this teaser clip of Jordan in the game. Wearing a pair of “Playoff” Air Jordan XIIs, the GOAT soars for his signature “cradle” dunk. Watch the video below and prepare for greatness. NB2K11 will be in stores on October 5th. Via Sole Collector

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Drop by Nation Of Hardwear to pick up their classic logo tee! It comes it multiple colors and features both logos (front & back). At $19.99 it's a steal of a deal!

House Of Hoops Summer: Nike Max CB 94 in Ink/ Varsity Purple

With a combination of nubuck and patent leather along the upper, the CB 94 features a tonal base with a great ‘34′ touch along the heel. Look for this brand new colorway, along with matching “Planet Rock” tees to begin hitting House Of Hoops locations in the near future. Via Sole Collector

Nike Max CB94
Color: Ink/ Varsity Purple
Price: $125
Availability: House Of Hoops

NEW ERA x NBA「Bulls Script」59Fifty Fitted Cap

Here’s something for Chicago Bulls fans in the audience. We spotted this discontinued style at consignment shop that was released by NEW ERA. Rather than the typical windy bulls logo or even a full team spell out on the front, this fitted ball cap plays it simple with a single script B. Keeping with the team colors, both the crown and bill are black. The B appears in Red with a White outline. There is only a size 7-1/8 up for grabs. If that is you, your best bet is to get to clicking over to their webstore. Via Strictly Fitteds

Available: Nike Air Max 90 – “Infrared”

Though the “Infrared” Air Max 90 has been re-released several times over, the shoe is still one of the year’s most highly anticipated releases. The Infrared 90 will see an official release this Saturday, but has been slowly turning up early at retailers throughout the month. You may want to call your local shop and check the availability. If you live near New York’s Sneaker Bistro, sizes 8-13 are available now. Via Sole Collector

Color: White/Cement Grey-Infrared-Black
Style: 325018-107
Price: $95.00

Nike Air Max 97 LE – Metallic Gold/Red-White-Black – New Images

Kin to the “Silver Bullet” Air Max 97, the golden runner is due to turn up at retailers next month. Unlike the aforementioned silver version, the metallic gold pair has not seen frequent retro releases, last made available in 2005. This pair will be released overseas this Saturday. Look for them to leave an impression stateside in mid-August. Keep it locked on Sole Collector for specific release updates. Via Sole Collector

Color: Metallic Gold/Varsity Red-Black
Style: 312641-700

Air Jordan Retro 2 – University Blue/Black-White

We first saw images of the university blue Air Jordan Retro 2 back in January. Now, we’re less than two weeks away from them officially being released. The shoe is certain to be an eye-catcher, marking the first time the Jordan 2 has made use of a university blue upper. Black is seen on the inner liner, laces, heel, and trim throughout. The midsole is also black, and sits atop a translucent outsole. Check out these new photos and prepare to make your purchase on July 31st. Via Sole Collector

Color: University Blue/Black-White
Style: 395709-401
Price: $135.00

Nike SB Dunk Low Chromeball Incident Gets Supreme Dunk Low Makover

This is what the Nike SB “Chrome Ball Incident” Dunk Low looks like after undergoing Supreme Dunk Low surgery. At first glance, the Atmos Air Max 1 comes to mind, but these Dunks don’t have any relation to Atmos, and they were customized by cemeterydrive of NSB. Can you imagine if Nike SB would have released these? Can you say campout? Although these are customs, they definitely came out nice. Are you feeling these customs? Via The Shoe Game

Monday, July 19, 2010

1995 | It Was A Good Year

Arguably some of the most iconic models Nike has ever introduced all happened to first release in 1995. A good year indeed. A year of many firsts, as well. The first basketball shoe with patent leather. The first running shoe with visible forefoot Air. The first full-length Air Max basketball shoe. Tensile became Zoom, and Eric Avar’s legacy was off to a great start. It was also the signature start of the instantly classic Penny Hardaway and Ken Griffey Jr. lines. Via Sole Collector

Tinker. Tracy. Sergio. Eric.

Six iconic models from the company’s most legendary designers.

1995. It was a good year.

Summer League snapshot: Tyreke Evans is bling-dacious

What’s the reigning NBA Rookie of the Year who isn’t playing in summer league wear to the gym to cheer on his team? Tyreke Evans keeps it simple with jeans and a white T-shirt. Oh yes, don’t forget the diamond jewelry piece. Seriously, this thing has got to weigh a ton. Now, who wants to count the diamonds? Via The Score


A perfect match for a pair of DS STUSSY DUNK LOW SB's ... if you're lucky enuff to own a pair. If not still a really coo' hat. Another HAND painted hat by !LL-Son, this time neopolitain colors cover this solid pink trucker. Pick it up at Nation Of Hardwear!

*SPECS: 100% polyester foam front, 100% nylon mesh weave back, snap closure.


EXO x NEW ERA 59Fifty Fitted Baseball Caps

Canadian retailer, EXO SHOP serves up some of the best brands in Skate and Street wear. Their selection of over 700 NEW ERA 59Fifty fitted baseball caps include several self branded styles. Pictured here is one of their own creations featuring the shop name as a lock up logo. Choose your own shopping experience in English or Fran├žais at Via Strictly Fitteds

Nike Air Max Penny 2010 Retro – Black/Varsity Royal-White

Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway recently made sports headlines when he announced his intentions to return to the NBA. Penny’s recent revelation was sparked by his desire to be part of the “Miami Thrice” super-team in South Beach. Playing for the Heat wouldn’t be new territory for Penny. He made the team back in 2007, before being waived after just 16 games. However, it was Penny’s stint with the cross-state rival Orlando Magic that made him one of the most beloved ballers of his time. While Penny may be trying to make a comeback in Miami, his first Orlando-themed Air Penny sneaker is ready to make a return as well.

The “Orlando” Air Penny retro is executed the way you’d expect. Black nubuck works the midfoot, toebox, and heel, while white fills in the side panels and wraps around the toe. Varsity royal accents are spotted on the inner liner, heel tab, and various branding points throughout. Expect these to turn up in the spring of 2011. If you fit a sample size and want a pair early, cigar0330 has them available on eBay now. Via Sole Collector

Color: Black/Varsity Royal-White
Style: 311089-001
Price: $125.00

Jordan 6 Rings “Foamposite” Sample

Earlier in the year, it was revealed that Nike’s “Foamposite” technology would be turning up on the Air Force 1 High later this year. In one of the more “it was only a matter of time” news tidbits of the year, the Foamposite look has also made its way to the Jordan line. The Jordan Six Rings, one of the brand’s most popular hybrid models to date, will release next year in a royal blue Foamposite colorway.

Certainly inspired by the Penny Foamposite One, this Six Rings design features a black and dark neon royal blue upper. Blue is also seen on the heel tab, as well as branding on the tongue and lacelocks. Working below is a translucent icy outsole. These are slated to hit retailers in February. More information on this release is sure to come. Stay tuned to Sole Collector for updates. If you have deep pockets and no patience, but cigar0330’s sample pair on eBay. Via Sole Collector

Color: Black/Varsity Royal
Style: 322992-002

Air Jordan 5 Prime Sample

While the Jordan x Air Force collabs may soon be coming to a halt, that doesn’t mean the mashups for Jordan Brand will cease. Seen here is the Air Jordan 5 Prime, a comprehensive resurgence of the Air Jordan 1 Alpha and Air Jordan 5 fused together with key notables form both models. Using the AJ1 as the base model, the AJ5 compliments the upper with translucent netting on the midfoot/tongue, translucent outsole, lacing system, and iridescent 3M tongue. This particular orion blue/metallic silver colorway may be the first of many and plenty but only time will tell. What do you think of this latest sample from Jordan Brand? Via The Shoe Game

Offspring x New Balance 576

United Kingdom’s Offspring and New Balance have maintained a tight relationship throughout the years and this year’s joint project takes us back to the original stepping grounds of both parties. The Covent Garden is located in London, hosting a variety of entertainment facilities and house hold fashion names. The shop is stitched on the tongue showing its location within the district and the collab also demonstrates excellent use of suede, nylon, and 3M in conjunction with contrasting colorways. Now available at Offspring for around $137. Via The Shoe Game

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Penny Hardaway wants to re-join the Heat?

When LeBron James decided to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, anyone with half a brain could have predicted that a bunch of ring-chasing veterans would latch on to the trio in hopes of grabbing some finger trophies. As we've seen with the additions of Zydrunas Ilgauskas and the perpetually unchill Juwan Howard, those predictions were spot on. Like moths to a flame, ringless old-timers are drawn to teams with good chances at the title.

And while we expected the Heat to accept a bunch of these type of guys, the latest bro to express interest in taking his talents to South Beach is a bit unexpected. However, according to the South Beach Sun Sentinel's Shannon J. Owens, the lure of a championship might bring an old friend back into our lives.

Another puppet show for the Miami Heat? Somebody call Nike.
Penny Hardaway, the man who inspired original Nike puppet "Lil Penny" in the late '90s, announced he is interested in competing for a role with the Miami Heat Thursday on an Internet radio show called "The Bottom Line Sports Show."

"Mentally I was retired and physically I was retired. I was playing recreational ball," Hardaway said. "But when the decision happened with Chris Bosh and LeBron, I felt like I could really be good in that system."

Nope. Big-time nope. I mean, I like Penny Hardaway as much as anyone except one of my high-school friends, but this is a husky pair of Bad Idea Jeans. Even though Penny has one of the best shoe lines ever, that doesn't mean he should join the Superfriends. Sorry, '90s nostalgia fiends, but the guy has played a total of 57 games since 2004 and hasn't played at all since 2008.

Furthermore, I'm not even entirely convinced that a healthy Penny Hardaway could fit into whatever "system" he thinks is in place for a team that doesn't even have a complete roster yet. Hardaway was a career .316 shooter from three, which wouldn't be a great help on a team sure to employ its fair share of drive-and-kicks. And when Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are on the same team, they'll be the ones driving and kicking. Plus, Chris Bosh took his favorite number. All signs point to nope.

Of course, Penny does have 16 games of experience in a Heat uniform and Miami sure does love its Hardaways, so if he were to come back, the Heat make at least a little sense. Not to mention his return would bring with it Lil' Penny. We can all get behind that, I think. Via Ball Don't Lie

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


For all of you that have the "Flu Game" XII (12)'s this may be self explanitory. For the rest of you, his "AIRNESS" showed us that even on a off day you can still be fly, Come on now!!! Then on the other hand you can just send a message that we've all felt on occassion. Available at Nation Of Hardwear!

Black - dark grey - varsity red

PONY Top Star Low – Nipsey Hu$$le SMU

Footwear and apparel brand PONY has an on-going relationship with rapper Nipsey Hu$$le. As a result, they’ve gotten with Nipsey to create a special make-up of their Top Star Low model. The shoe features a blue suede upper and yellow leather panels on the ankle and heel.

Crenshaw, Nipsey’s hometown, is stitched on the tongue of each shoe. His name appears in blue on the heels. Working beneath is a white midsole, blue contrast stitch, and blue rubber outsole.
For the release, a special party will be held at Jet Nightclub in Mirage, Las Vegas. Nipsey Hu$$le will be in attendance, and also deliver a live performance. The release party takes place on July 16th. Via Sole Collector

Nike Lunar Air 180 – “Ultramarine”

The hot trend of taking classic sneakers and updating them with modern technology continues with the Nike Lunar Air 180. For the Lunar Air 180, Tinker Hatfield’s Air 180 was updated technology from modern performance models. Nike’s lightweight and breathable Torch technology was applied to the upper. Below, Lunar Foam is used for forefoot cushioning. This pair, of course, comes in the classic “Ultramarine” colorway that helped the original achieve classic status. Blue is spotted on the Swoosh and rim of the tongue, while pink hits the heel, midsole, and branding on the upper. These will be available at retailers, like SNS, this month. Via Sole Collector

Color: White/Ultramarine-Bright Pink
Style: 412174-101

Nike Court Force High – Blue Sapphire/White

New from Nike Sportswear is this Court Force high made with premium materials. The shoe features a blue sapphire nubuck upper, with a white panel seen wrapped from ankle to ankle. White returns for the outsole and lower metal lace eyelet. These are available now at JD Sports. Via Sole Collector

Nike SB Dunk Mid Premium – Black/Aquamarine

Nike is set to release a new SB Dunk Mid made with premium materials later this year. The shoe features a predominantly black suede upper, with black premium leather filling in the toebox, ankle, and upper heel. Aquamarine branding appears on the tongue, while a white contrast stitch works the midsole. Expect these to release shortly as part of the Fall 2010 collection. They’re available now at Japan’s LTD.

Color: Black/Black-Aquamarine
Style: 314381-004

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reebok Basquiat Pack – Pump Omni Lite

Back in May, we took a look at the complete Fall/Winter 2010 Jean-Michel Basquiat Reebok collection. The shoes and apparel in the collection feature artwork from the late legendary Brooklyn artist. We now have images and availability information for the Reebok Pump Omni Lite from the group. This pair is inspired by Basquiat’s 1982 “Six Fifty” painting. Black and white leather are prominently featured on the upper, along with several red and yellow images created by Basquiat. Though stateside release information is unknown at the moment, they’ve already turned up at colette in France. Via Sole Collector

Jordan Six Rings – Metallic Silver/Light Graphite-White

Later this year, the Jordan Six Rings will return to retailers in an all new colorway. Like a recently released premium Air Force 1, this version of the Six Rings features a full 3M reflective upper. Graphite accents various points on the upper, as well as the midsole, which sits atop an icy translucent outsole. Be ready for these to hit retailers on September 18th. They’ll be available with a $160 price tag. Via Sole Collector

Color: Metallic Silver/Light Graphite-White
Style: 322992-001
Price: $160.00

Jordan Rare Air – “Olympic” – September 2010

We first saw the “Olympic” colorway of the Rare Air late last month. Unlike the “Olympic” Retro 7 that has everybody talking, the colorway for this shoe is inspired by the Olympic Rings logo that represents Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania (including Australia). We’ve also seen this theme applied to a Retro 6 in 2008 and an upcoming colorway of the Flight 9. Priced at $140, the “Olympic” Rare Air is set to hit retailers in September. Via Sole Collector

Color: White/Green Bean-Varsity Red-New Blue
Style: 407361-102
Price: $140.00

NEW ERA「Black/Orange」505 Umpire Fitted Cap

NEW ERA JAPAN is back with another Umpire fitted cap. This time around, they chose to use a San Francisco Giants color scheme. As always, a Black base with an Orange bill/button. So all of you Giants fans, that want to mix it up, head over to STLESS to pick one up. Hurry because sizes are running low. Via Strictly Fitteds

Air Jordan VII (7) “Olympic” FTLOTG Edition

Some of you have probably already heard rumors about the return of the Olympic Air Jordan 7, but today you no longer have to say “rumor”. The Olympic Air Jordan 7 is back, but with a new update. The 2010 version falls under the “For The Love of The Game” umbrella. As you can see, the gold heart (FTLOTG logo) is seen on the side panel. Word is the shoes have already arrived at Kicks in Poland. The shoes are set to officially release on August 7th, but release availability is currently unknown. Feel free to check with your local Jordan retailer for additional info, and in case you it, here’s the style and color code; 304775-103. Props to SN for the heads up. Via The Shoe Game

Nike 1/2 Cent “Eggplant”

The Cranberry and Eggplant 1/2 Cents are the next colorways from the 1/2 Cent line that are set to drop. Last month actual images of both 1/2 Cents hit the web, and now detailed images of the Eggplant 1/2 Cents have surfaced. The shoes are set to release Holiday 2010, and expect them to hit stores October/November. Via The Shoe Game

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Fitteds @ ROCK-N-JOCKS: Custom NEW ERA「Marlins」59Fifty Fitted Cap

Back in stock by popular demand at ROCK-N-JOCKS is this custom Florida Marlins New Era fitted. This 59Fifty is flipped in the Florida Gators colors of Royal Blue and Orange. The Marlins logo is embroidered in Royal Blue, White, Green and Orange. The MLB logo around the back appears in Royal Blue, Green and Orange. This limited 30 piece release is available only at R-N-J now ships to Canada. Via Strictly Fitteds

Nike Air Force 1 Gorge Green Patent

As you probably expected, Nike will release more solid color Air Force 1’s with patent leather detailing this year. The black patent colorway kicked this series off and caught everyone’s attention. Nike then released the team red patent Air Force 1. Next Nike will release the gorge green patent AF1 in September. The shoes are set to launch at Foot Locker stores and other Nike retailers Saturday, September 11th. Via The Shoe Game

Nike SB Dunk Low “Safari”

Today is a great news day for Nike SB heads, and after reporting on the Street Fighter Pack, we have more news about another SB Dunk Low. This pair has been dubbed the “Safari” Dunk for obvious reasons. Back in March, Kevin Imamua of Nike SB said the fat tongue would return on the Dunk Low. Well, it looks like this safari print Dunk Low will feature a fat tongue. No word on when the Safari Dunk will release, but release info should be available soon, so stay tuned. Via The Shoe Game

Nike SB Dunk Low “Chun Li” Street Fighter

Following up on the news about the Nike SB Street Fighter Pack, we now take a look at the Chun Li Dunk Low. Chun Li’s signature move was the Hyakuretsu Kyaku (Hundred Rending Kicks), better known as the Lightning Kick. Chun Li is also well-known for being the first female fighting character in a video game.

It appears that Chun Li is also part of the Nike SB Street Fighter Pack that’s said to release Holiday 2010. The SB Dunk Lows play off Chun Li’s blue and white outfit. The Dunks feature a blue base with yellow contrast stitching, plus a white swoosh, midsole, and laces. Judging by the picture, it seems like the Chun Li Dunks will feature a fat tongue. Stay tuned for more Nike SB Street Fighter Pack info. Via The Shoe Game

Nike SB Dunk Mid “Ryu” Street Fighter Pack


Word on the net is that Nike SB will release a Street Fighter Pack Holiday 2010. As you can see, this Dunk Mid was inspired by Ryu. The Dunks colorway was inspired by Ryu’s white, black, red attire. Most of us grew up playing Street Fighter, so we expect these Ryu Dunks to be sought after by Street Fighter fans. Stay tuned for more images and info. Let us know what you think about this concept. Via The Shoe Game