Friday, August 27, 2010

UFC 118 weigh-in: 237 pounds! Did Toney take this seriously?

What happened to all the hard work? We heard James Toney had gotten himself into shape. You can crow about being in the best condition of your life but the scale doesn't lie. Toney stepped on stage Friday at the UFC 118 weigh-in and checked in at a ridiculous 237 pounds. That matches his heaviest weight ever as a boxer. It's 20 pounds heavier than his last boxing match just 11 months ago against Matthew Greer.

Toney takes on the legend Randy Couture on Saturday night and needs to be light on his feet, try to avoid Couture's takedowns and take advantage of the speed in his hands. He didn't help his cause by showing up at a blubbery 237. And with all the smack-talking Toney has done lately, this certainly doesn't look good for the 42-year-old boxer. Also not looking good was Toney as he removed his pants (pictured). He gave the crowd on the TD North Garden a little bit extra was part of his rear end was exposed. The UFC fans in attendance let loose a hearty laugh.

Many experts already weren't giving Toney a chance, anyway. Toney holds a boxing record of 72-6-3, but will step into the Octagon for the first time. Via Cagewriter