Thursday, September 8, 2011

Two of Carmelo Anthony’s cell phones were reportedly swiped at his charity game

If you receive a phone call in the near future, and Carmelo Anthony's name shows up on your caller ID? Sounds like a smooth start to a fine day. Sounds like a potential invite to Anthony's unofficial Knick training camp, later this fall, right? Sadly, this call probably isn't coming from Carmelo Anthony.

If anything, it's coming from the thief or thick thieves that swiped two of Carmelo Anthony's cell phones last week following the exciting finish of one of the Goodman League charity games that, you big jerks, Carmelo aided in putting together and promoting. For charity, let's re-iterate.

From the New York Post:

"Fans bum-rushed the court to get close to the guys after the game," a source told Page Six. "Carmelo's phones were stolen during all of the chaos." Fans on Twitter caught wind of the missing phones and tweeted to help him find them. But a rep said they have not been returned to Anthony.

I suppose in the age of private photos and potentially devastating texts that a stolen cell phone could hold some interest to people that, again, want to be big jerks. And even if Carmelo should have left his devices in the locker room and not in public view, this is still a crummy move to end all crummy moves. Anthony came back to Baltimore to run a charity game that seemed to leave everyone happy, why mess with (much less steal) the guy's stuff?

Maybe things will be better should Anthony take part in the Impact Training summer leagues in Las Vegas later this month. Nobody ever steals from anyone in Las Vegas. At least without penalty of Joe Pesci or Robert DeNiro working you over in a back room. via Ball Don't Lie