Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shaq allegedly hit a ball over the Green Monster at Fenway Park

Americans know Shaquille O'Neal as a man of many talents: athlete, actor, rapper, basketball analyst, reality TV personality, and prolific tweeter. Still, despite his show "Shaq Vs." where he tried his hands at various sports, he has not made much of a name for himself on the playing fields of other games. Mostly because the majority of sports are not made for 7-foot-1 giants.

That especially goes for baseball, where height only enlarges a player's strike zone and forces him to cover more of the plate. Nevertheless, Shaq seems to be at least quite capable at the plate. Because, if a story from Kevin Garnett is to be believed, the Shaqtan of Swat hit a ball over the Green Monster at Fenway Park. From CSN New England (via SB Nation):

Garnett recalled a softball game that the Celtics played at Fenway Park. Garnett said he hit one ball off of the Green Monster. He said Rajon Rondo hit two off the Wall and Shaquille O'Neal, of course, knocked one over the Monster. via Ball Don't Lie

"Shaq's the business, man," Garnett said. "It was truly an honor to play with him. "This year was the most fun I've had in the NBA in a long time."

Man, why couldn't there have been video of this trip to Fenway? I bet Rondo hits with his hands reversed on the bat, just like Hank Aaron used to before he made the majors.

It might not seem so impressive that a man of Shaq's immense strength could hit a baseball over a big wall only 320 feet away from home plate. But when you factor in that Shaq likely has very little experience hitting a baseball, it stands out as quite an accomplishment.

The only question now is what Shaq nicknamed himself after the accomplishment. Based on the history of the Red Sox, I'm going to bet on "Carl Yashaqski." via Ball Don't Lie