Sunday, June 26, 2011

Supra Black and Yellow Pack

The Boston Bruins just won the Stanley Cup last week and so they resurrected that Wiz Khalifa song. Yeah, it was a little weird seeing a short Canadian fellow with a big nose up there singing “Black and Yellow,” but who can blame him? Black and yellow is also the color story in this special pack that SUPRA has put together in a limited run. We’re only wrapping two of our most popular styles in this iconic color combination: Tom Penny’s Bandit model with it’s boot-inspired, mid top design and Terry Kennedy’s signature Stacks model with its classic low profile, skate design. Both pairs in this black and yellow pack come in a luxurious mustard [1] suede, accented by deep black leather highlights. They’re like little taxicabs for your feet—“sole cabs for cutie?”—and they’ll take you anywhere you wanna go. via The Shoe Game