Monday, June 20, 2011

Air Jordan 8.0 Winter 2012

Following up on the new and improved Air Jordan II that is the Air Jordan 2.0, Jordan Brand is set to bring the same thought process to the Air Jordan VIII with the Winter 2012 release of the Air Jordan 8.0. Unlike the Air Jordan 2.0 which adds a little bulk through the addition of the 360 Air Max unit, the Air Jordan 8.0 looks to trim the heft that the Air Jordan VIII is known for. This is most visible in the pics in this post through the Huarache like ankle cut out. As of now two colorways of the Air Jordan 8.0 are planned including an Aqua inspired colorway in January and a White/Red/Grey colorway in March. I will have more on the Air Jordan 8.0 as the story develops so stay tuned. via Kix And The City