Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nike SB Dunk Low – Matte Silver – Green | Summer 2012

If there has been an unifying theme amongst the Nike SB Dunk releases as of late, it would have to be the textured look that we’ve seen pop up again and again. From the Dark Oak Nike SB Dunk Highs to the two pairs of ‘Passport’ lows, it seems that someone over at Swoosh headquarters wants this crop of sneakers to be just as good to feel as they are to look at. The theme will extend well into next year with this upcoming that we first showed you back in our comprehensive preview of the Summer 2012 season. We’re back with a detailed look, showing off the combo of pebbled uppers and a faux-snakeskin look on the swoosh that gives these a very reptilian feel. via Dunkbar & Sneaker News