Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday night smackdown: Kevin Garnett's huge skull lump

As you can see by the giant golf ball outlined in red above, Kevin Garnett had a rough start to Friday evening.

On the very first play of the Boston Celtics' game against the visiting Oklahoma City Thunder, who were playing without Kevin Durant and Jeff Green (both of whom are battling ankle injuries), Paul Pierce tried to feed Garnett on the low block, where he was being guarded by Serge Ibaka. One of Ibaka's teammates — I'll be honest, I can't tell for sure after repeated replays if it was Russell Westbrookor Thabo Sefolosha — came in from the back-side of the play to defend the entry pass and, on the way up, clocked the Big Ticket in the back of the head with an elbow.

Ibaka came away with the steal, and down the other end of the floor, Westbrook drove for a layup and the game's first points. Garnett was dazed enough on the play that the Celtics called a 20-second timeout on the next possession, just 30 seconds into the game. Ouch! Via Ball Don't Lie