Friday, November 19, 2010

Dark Man! DMX Locked Up Again After Violating His Probation In Arizona

Dark Man X is back behind bars again.

The troubled rapper just can't seem to stay out of bad situations with the law.

In recent interviews, DMX has looked and sounded clear headed. His recent verse on Swizz Beatz' "Yall Don't Know" is vintage X. So this latest brush with the law is puzzling.

Bommbox is reporting X was arrested last night in Phoenix for failing to check in with his parole officer, a violation of his probation.

Arizona has not been kind to Dark Man. He's had several run ins with Maricopa County Sherriff, Joe Arpaio. A man who takes pride in shaming prisoners, by making them wear pink undershorts and socks. Uses pink towels and sheets as well as pink handcuffs. This latest arrest marks the sixth time X has been locked up in the county.

During a tv interview from an Arizona jail last year, X swore he'd never come back there once he was released. But recently he changed his mind and said he was going to make the state his home.

After this latest arrest, I think he might change his mind about that.

Now word yet on when he will be released. Via This Is 50