Monday, July 26, 2010

Video: Carlos Arroyo gets slap happy in the paint

If you were wondering why the Miami Heat wanted Carlos Arroyo so much, just know it wasn't for the normal reasons. Sure, he was cheap, the Heat needed a backup point guard and he had a history with the team, but the real reason they brought him back was because they needed an enforcer. They needed a guy who would stand up to whichever team tried to punk any of the Heat's marquee players. Yeah, Udonis Haslem and Joel Anthony would seem to be those guys, but I don't seem to remember them getting in a slapfight after someone played a little too physical down low.

But that's exactly what Carlos Arroyo did Sunday in Puerto Rico's matchup with Mexico in the Central American and Caribbean Games. Check it out.

You know, sometimes you've just got to get the faceslaps out of your system and there's no use wasting time. I mean, if an opposing basketball player tells you your eyebrows are over-tweezed you need to set him straight, right then and there. And there's really no better place for a slapfight than in the middle of a basketball game. Just ask Rafer Alston. Via Ball Don't Lie