Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mark Cuban makes his rap video debut

Mark Cuban has been an icon for rappers since, at least, 2007 when Lil' Wayne told Complex Magazine that "he's a G for real." Rappers like talking about how much money they have, so it's only natural that they'd gravitate towards a baller like the Cubes. Heck, the Dallas Mavericks owner even turned up in a song called "Work" by D.C. rapper Wale ("Jordan was cool, but I'm on that Mark Cuban"). Needless to say, Mark Cuban's legit.

That's why it makes total sense that Cuban would have a cameo in Dallas rapper Dorrough's video for his single "Get Big." Cuban owns a Dallas team and has a ton of money; Dorrough is from Dallas and has an entire song based on having a ton of money. It's a perfect fit, like nectarines on a turkey sandwich.

Cuban's cameo lasts for about 10 seconds of handshaking in the beginning, then another three at the end of the song where he points at his chest and looks hilarious while his name flashes on the screen. Unfortunately — or, perhaps, fortunately — that's not nearly enough time for Cuban to bust out any of his world-famous dance moves. Of course, the shirt he's wearing does have sleeves, so he probably wouldn't have felt comfortable cuttin' a rug anyways.
Peep the video after the jump. Via Ball Don't Lie