Sunday, July 3, 2011

The NBA is letting the Miami Heat attend Chris Bosh’s wedding

The NBA has locked its players out, which means NBA team personnel can have no contact (right down to phone calls, emails, or Twitter conversations) with its players. Nobody can tape an ankle, join up as a fourth on the back nine, or buy a round after the 19th hole. Strictly verboten. And it's not as if the NBA is run by a bunch of Sergeant Schultzs. If you email, Tweet, or kibitz over a club sandwich, the NBA will find out. You just can't be seen mixing it up.

Save for Chris Bosh's wedding, an event the NBA recently confirmed it would allow special access to for Miami Heat staff. So there's no excuse, Miami Heat front office and coaching staff (much less Miami Heat players) for staying home during Chris' wedding. The NBA actually legalized your RSVP. Good news, right?

From the Miami Herald:

While the Heat declined comment Friday, citing league guidelines, the team apparently has already cleared the appearances of management and the coaching staff at the power forward's nuptials through the NBA.

NBA spokesman Tim Frank initially said Friday, "There are exceptions to the general no-contact rule in special or unusual circumstances."

Later, Frank clarified. "Don't have to be so general in this case," he said in an email. "We're allowing them to attend."

Very nice, NBA. Sure, you probably won't be bothered to talk to the NBA Players Association in formal talks until August, putting the lives and employment status of untold thousands of ancillary workers on hiatus while you divvy up a several billion-dollar pie, but you can be bothered to allow Miami's coaches and front office to go to Chris Bosh's wedding. Where I'm sure you'll tip real, real well.

Just be careful when it comes to the reception. Chris Bosh is into some really lame entertainment. via Ball Don't Lie