Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vintage Nike Air Force Pump Collection on eBay

The lifelong search for the Holy Grail might stop here for a few sneakerheads; check out this six-pair collection of vintage Nike Air Forces from the late 80′s-early 90′s that featured the short-lived Air Pump technology. The Nike Air Pressure, Nike Air Command Force, and Nike Air Force 180 Pump were three super high-top basketball classics that despite not having a long life, have garnered an insane cult following to this day. The Air Pressure came attached with a pump module and a plastic see-through case and a $180 price-tag (an insanely high price at the time), and was recently retroed (in a sense) in a lighter form called the Air PR1. The Command Force as well as the Air Force 180 Pump also featured the Air Pump tech and were worn by David Robinson on court during the Force vs. Flight era of Nike Basketball, where David Robinson’s power/finesse game allowed him to be one of the representative for Nike Force. Finding just one pair of these is hard enough, but in this auction, you’ve got SIX pristine pairs up for grabs in one fell swoop. Check out the auction from authentic_sneaker_powerseller on eBay. Via Sneaker News