Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Video: Um, this guy is a good dunker

This is Kenny Dobbs. He is good at dunking. Carmelo Anthony tweeted about this video yesterday and it's good enough for me to embed here. I promise.

Not that it matters, but one thing I always wonder when watching this awesome dunk mixes: Can the guy actually play basketball ? After seeing him throw in ridiculous dunks for two minutes, I find myself wondering, "What's his jumpshot look like? How's his handle? Is he a good defender?"

Obviously, those things don't really matter that much, because that's not the point of this video. It's to show off leaping and dunking skill. Which Kenny Dobbs does both very well. But it always fascinates me that we don't see the world's best dunkers as some of the world's best basketball players. I guess it's sort of like long drive contests in golf or the world's strongest man not being good at football. There's a lot more to it than just a specific talent. Via Facts and Rumors