Thursday, June 17, 2010

Game to pay attention to: Celtics vs. Lakers

Boston at Los Angeles Lakers; series tied, 3-3

There are no grades, here. I'm not asking you to pay attention to these games because of some eventual playoff implication, or because you need to see a certain player his lowest ebb before a new coach comes in and everything turns out A-OK. Outside of the occasional -- there's-nothing-on -- blips? I'm tossing you these nightly suggestions because, as an ardent NBA observer, I've got a good idea as to what entertains. I want you to enjoy what's given me so much. Pay attention, because you'll have fun.

And I'm assuring you, even if one team drops another by 20 in a few hours, that you'll have fun tonight.

It's a Game 7, for the NBA championship. A winner-take-all, best-of one, for the ring. A one game validation on what we've been paying attention to since October. Can you dig that? October!

And it gets better. For one, the Celtics and the Lakers are playing, giving us another recent re-introduction to this game's greatest rivalry. We've got about 15 teams on either side of the Conference designation, and somehow the two most storied franchises in this league are due to meet in the Finals for the second time in three years. And they've taken it to seven games, this time. Via Ball Don't Lie