Friday, March 20, 2009

Reebok Stars & Super Hero Pack

Yesterday we brought you the Pump but today we have more info on the pack itself...For spring 2009, Reebok is releasing its “Stars” and “Superhero” Pack, consisting of an Insta Pump Fury and Pump Omni Lite, and an Insta Pump Fury, respectively. The navy/grey/red Insta Pump Fury and navy/red/white Pump Omni Lite of the Star pack feature a white star print against metallic navy blue patent panel, found throughout both shoes. The Insta Pump Fury also has a speckled red midsole, white sole, and grey upper, while the Pump Omni Lite is dominated by the star print, contrasted by white leather and a red midsole and white sole. These shoes give your feet a patriotic look, but the Superhero pack Insta Pump Fury’s say differently. The neon yellow/red/black Insta Pump Fury’s is mostly neon yellow, contrasted by red and black panels, a black toe featuring a star pattern, and a black midsole and sole. The neon yellow upper parallels radioactive material that will turn its shoeowner into a superhero! Lame, but hey, at least a nice shoe came out of it. So be sure to get at these packs on Mita, available for $185 to $220. Via Sneakerfiles